Virgo astrological insights: 22 August – 22 September

Zoe Hind gives insights for the coming astrological month of Virgo.

About Virgo

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Virgo from 22 August to 22 September.

Virgo is the Virgin Mother – Mary, Aset/Isis, Earth Mother, Gaia, Goddess of the Harvest.

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. This represents the natural gestation cycle form conception to birth, from sowing to reaping.

During the harvest period teamwork and efficiency were required to bring in the crops within a certain window of time and then allocational skills were needed to share the bounty fairly, saving some for medicine and putting some in storage before planting for the next season.

Virgo is the higher expression of Mercury. Those born under the Virgo Sun are therefore said to be hard working, precise, practical and environmentally connected – aware of the natural cycles of Time.


So how to work with this energy?

Every year as the Sun passes through Virgo we are all immersed in this specific frequency and able harness the energy.

We all have Virgo in our chart somewhere and the position (or house/s) that Virgo occupies shows us where we can best apply the beneficial aspects and tackle the challenges that it brings.

Physically Virgo is an Earth sign, the abundance of the harvest, so health and nutrition are centre stage.

Herbalism is my number one activity to enjoy as we can forage many natural ingredients at this time and store them in dried form or oil infusions to last us throughout the winter months. Learn more about herbs, flowers, fruits, nuts and trees.

It’s all about appreciation of nature and our connection to planet Earth.


Diet and exercise are also favoured especially around the New Moon in Virgo, a perfect time to begin a new health regime. For real results though, the mind body connection must be taken into account.

Mentally Virgo is the higher expression of Mercury.

The mind can go into overdrive if not kept in its right place – the servant not the master.

Virgo is the logical left brain opposite Pisces the intuitive right brain.

It is important to de-programme and release any thoughts and beliefs that are not serving us. T rinse our cells of emotional baggage. This is the perfect task for the mind to busy itself with so that we can access our deeper selves. Mindfulness, Discernment rather than judgement.

Emotionally Connecting with the heart is important for super productive and mentally busy Virgo. Doing and Being. Do less but feel it more deeply. Presence.

Soulfully Virgo is the loving mother. Setting soulful intentions requires knowing what we want. Virgo can be super productive, efficient and organised but what are we working towards? Virgo understands the cycles of time from seed to harvest and what needs to be done when to achieve the greater result. The trap here is being busy for the sake of being busy. Stopping to calm the mind and pause the production process while we connect with the nourishing divine feminine, will reconnect us with our heart’s higher service and help us to put meaningful plans in place.

 ​Moon times for this month:

The Full and New Moons reflect across the Pisces/Virgo axis of the 2 hemispheres of the brain – of the conscious and subconscious mind. 
Day and night. Physical and spiritual plane.

6 September – Full Moon in Pisces

Our emotional intelligence is in the cells of our bodies. Feel what is real.

20 September – New Moon in Virgo

See the bigger picture. Observe your thoughts and whether they are in alignment with your hearts desire.



To tune in further, here are the herbs and crystals that I feel aligned to Sun and Moon this month…


Virgo – Clary Sage – Stimulates the brain for clarity and memory

Pisces – Rosemary – Literally translates as ‘Mist of the Sea’ – Spiritually elevating


Virgo – Blue lace agate – Visionary and Multi layered

Pisces – Selenite – High vibrations

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