Leo astrological insights: 22 July – 22 August

Zoe Hind gives insights for the coming astrological month of Leo. Honour the light within…

About Leo

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Leo from 22 July to 22 August.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, the symbol for which is the Lion.

Leo is the Summer fire sign and speaks to us of golden abundance and generosity. As the Sun is high in the sky on the warmest days of the year and the corn is high in the fields, all is well.

So how to work with this energy?

Every year as the Sun passes through Leo we are all immersed in this specific frequency and able harness the energy.

We all have Leo in our chart somewhere and the position (or house/s) that it occupies shows us where we can best apply the beneficial aspects and tackle the challenges that it brings.



Warm and sociable, Leo likes to live the good life.

As a fire sign and often at the social centre of attention, Leos can over do it when it comes to fine food & wine and partying. (Not all of them, I have met some shy introvert ones).

Sometimes they can be lazy and good intentions when it comes to exercise can fall by the wayside when they get distracted by something more shiny, glamorous and right now.

The heart is the centre of this sign so cardio-vascular exercise is perfect to keep them on top form.


Confidence and courage are to be explored here. Any self limiting narratives or early childhood restrictions can be worked out in life as experience brings better self awareness. Opinion is always important to fire signs but keeping a flexible viewpoint leads to greater understanding and closer friendships.


Big hearted and often expressive, Leo needs to be heard and be able to share and give. Creative releases like acting or dance are important, especially if self expression is blocked or love seems lacking. Big warm hugs abound but watch out for stubborn pride.


When a Leo connects with the Sol/Soul self they are truly magnificent. Opposite sign Aquarius shows the way to radiate pure unconditional Love and Joy.


Moon dates:


23 July – New Moon Leo

7 August – Full Moon Aquarius – lunar eclipse

21 August – New Moon Leo – solar eclipse 

More on this here: http://astrozo.com/In-the-stars-this-month(2594989).htm

The Axis of Leo and Aquarius explores courage and individuality. The Aquarius Man with the Heart of a Lion. We are in the Age of Aquarius now and we need to know ourselves, to be an honest and wise expression of our unique vibration and hold the vision in a fast changing world. Dare to Care.

To tune in further, here are the herbs and crystals that I feel aligned to Sun and Moon this month…



Leo – Orange – Warm & Uplifting

Aquarius – Grapefruit – Quirky & Energizing



Leo – Sunstone/Gold – Centred and radiant

Aquarius – Amethyst/Crysocholla – Wisdom and healing through time


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