Cosmic Pineapple is a place of connection. To the self, the other, the earth and everything that exists. This site is designed to bring you cosmic and conscious knowledge and wisdom, in creative and interesting ways. With intrigue and a twist of pineapple.

We have entered into the Aquarian age – a shift of consciousness levels and a time of new beginnings. New ways of thinking and ‘being’ are inviting us forwards; moving away from the duality consciousness of the Piscean age – which focused on hierarchy and power, and into unity and community conscious – everything ‘is'; we are all one of the same, we are all from source. It is our hope that Cosmic Pineapple brings you some insight and source of inspiration; carrying wisdom from the mystics, teachers, healers, elders, children, philosophers, artists, animals, the sky and mother earth – from past, present and the future. And for you to be part of the big change happening on earth. Anything is possible and we all have the power to change and heal.

The best way to heal the world is to be aware, deal with problems and lift the vibration. Starting with ourselves and our actions.


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