Herb focus: Mugwort – a herb for dreaming

Nature gives us many magical medicines. One of them is Mugwort.

Mugwort is a dream herb, which when you place under your pillow, drink as a tea, or smoke, can stimulate astral travel and lucid and prophetic dreams. Throughout the ancient world it was also considered the universal herb for protection and prophecy.

I originally came across Mugwort whilst doing a month long work study program at Esalen in The Big Sur. Here I not only met many conscious people in touch with their emotions and their truth, but I also connected with nature in a very much-needed way. My friend Celine, who I met at Esalen (and who wrote this piece on her botanical skin care range), is one of those people who connects with nature and plant spirits in a way that is as natural as she takes a breath (she is a little fairy!). Whilst on a hike to go jade hunting at Jade Cove on my birthday, she gave me a whole herb bunch that she had picked on the hike down, which included Sage Brush (this sweet smell will always remind me of The Big Sur – so calming!), Rosemary, some others I can’t remember, and Mugwort. She told me it was known as the dream herb and that night I placed it under my pillow.


I had the most interesting dreams! I am obsessed with dreams and the messages they give from the subconscious. That night my dreams took me to other realms and levels of consciousness. I tried it in a tea also, but it made me not be able to sleep (the effect differs from person to person). The fun really began however, when I started to smoke it! Whilst in Guatemala a year later, I bought a bag of dried Mugwort leaves from Las Pyramides, the mediation centre I was studying at. I decided to try out smoking it one night, as an alternative to tobacco in my splaffy-poos. And I basically took off! I can’t explain it properly, but it kind of makes everything just that little bit more magical; you dip (deeper) into the fairy realm and see everything from a dream-like perspective. For some reason Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ comes to mind when I think of how to describe the effects. I have smoked it with friends since, all were a little hesitant at first, but when they smoked it, they give me a little head nod and a “mmm yeah, I get this!” look. It’s really calming and relaxing and not heavy at all. And I have had some amazing insights (some which I forgot just after I thought of, and I hope will come back one day!).

As with everything, don’t smoke it too much (I.E. every day).  I smoked it every night for a period whilst living in Iceland and my head got a little bit ‘too’ magical. I think it lifts you up quite a bit and this is fun, but ultimately we are earth beings living on this planet and need to be present and grounded whilst here! It is however, fun to go exploring other dimensions from time to time as it keeps the imagination happy and can spark little changes in the being (in my opinion). I read that it can become toxic if you take in too much, so be careful! Listen to your body (a rule of life!).


Other Mugwort notes:   

It grows in Asia and Europe and now grows as a weed in North America.

It is also known as: Artemisia vulgaris

It can also be used to help eliminate intestinal parasites.

It can help women to regulate their period.

It is a protector

It can help cleanse the liver (but don’t have too much).

It is said to aid travelers.

It is  an excellent herb to burn for meditation and peace.

It should never be used when pregnant.



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This post was written by Kim Booth



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