The Disco Mix

A superfood blend for Party Lovers! The creator of Ibiza Superfoods, Verity Smith, gives us an insight to her energy-recharging superfood blend: The Disco Mix.

Ibiza Superfoods was born out of the desire for a balanced lifestyle.  I needed to be true to myself in developing a brand that worked for me and that would make healthy living fun and accessible – even for the hardcore club-goers!

When I took the decision to move to Ibiza, my partying days on the White Isle were already thing of the past. My passion for health and nutrition had truly taken over, and I had to admit to feeling a little concerned as to how I was going to introduce my new love to an island that had always left me needing another holiday or a full on detox on my return home.

The Disco Mix is our best-selling blend. It is a fast-acting, energizing formula of 100% organic superfoods and botanicals. We like to describe it as “Nature’s Redbull”! Here’s a list of of its active ingredients:

  • Baobab – an energizing superfruit from Africa. Packed with Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Potassium, Iron & Antioxidants. All helping to support energy production.
  • Mixed Root Maca – a super-root from Peru. Commonly referred to as the “Andes Viagra”, due to its potent libido-enhancing effects.  Rich in calcium, B Vitamins, Magnesium & Vitamin D.
  • Lucuma – an energising sweet booster rich in B  Vitamins and Beta-Carotene helping to support the liver and energy production.
  • Acai Berry – a nutritious and energy providing fruits on the planet.  The surfers of Brazil used it regularly for its legendary health-enhancing properties
  • Guarana – commonly used as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue.  A natural source of slow-releasing caffeine – it increases mental alertness and focus.
  • Siberian Ginseng – an adaptopgenic herb that helps to the nervous system, detox the liver and build your body’s resistance to stress. Great for a busy lifestyle!

Add one tablespoon to water, smoothies, juices or cereals for one hit dose of targeted nutrients to bring energy and clarity. (It’s also a great hangover cure!)

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Ibiza Superfoods is a fresh and forward thinking wellness company. Committed to sourcing and selecting the worlds finest organic superfoods, they understand the demands of 21st century living and the work-hard/play-hard lifestyle.

Ibiza Superfoods offers a range of organic and functional lifestyle blends – providing a mix of superfoods and botanicals to deliver a one-hit daily dose of targeted nutrients. Each blend is carefully researched and formulated by in-house Nutritionist and Founder, Verity Smith.

Ibiza Superfoods also offers a range of juice detox and cleansing programmes to help you to restore your vitality.

We ship worldwide, you can order from here: 

* And check out our other amazing blends, Skinny Mix and Detox Mix.

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