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Celebrating her new crystal amulet range, Chida Kashah creatress, Cici,  breaks down the magical healing properties of the ethereal and iridescent Angel Aura Quartz.

I can ever so vividly remember the first time I set my eyes on an Angel Aura Quartz crystal, I was completely captivated by the shimmering iridescent rainbow lights that scintillate like the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.

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The Aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. The cosmic rays of luminous multi-coloured light can be seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres as the energy is converted to visible light by a mechanism called the quantum leap. It is truly one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons.

Aura Quartz is natural Quartz crystal that has been bonded by the microns of precious metals. This process is called atomic vapour deposition and is actually an industrial process that superlatively combines science with alchemy.

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The outer surface of the clear Quartz becomes bonded in a vacuum chamber with atoms of different metals, just a few atoms thick, creating exquisite colour and iridescence.

Each different combination of precious metal such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and and other rare trace metals create a magnificent variety of vibrant colours that are permanent and nontarnishable.

Other popular variations of Aura Quartz include Aqua Aura, Sunshine Aura and Rainbow Aura (pictured below).


As the deposition only affects the quartz as a thin outer coating, it stimulates and enhances the outer layers of the Quartz’s energy field. The merging together of the vibrations of Quartz and Metal creates a frequency that isn’t available in nature and this frequency is stimulating and euphoric!

Aura Quartz is therefore used primarily to enhance and dynamize our own ‘subtle bodies‘ – the aura, or layers of energy surrounding our physical selves – while the inner crystal still holds the same core energy as untreated clear quartz. Angel Aura quartz integrates the individual properties of clear quartz, silver and platinum.

Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral that is the most abundant mineral on Earth, found in most geological environments and a component in most rock types which is clear in its purest form. It is excellent for focusing energies and for focusing direction. Used to help concentrate, quartz is an excellent source of increased mental abilities.

It’s sole existence is of clarity – its high energy frequency clarifies and amplifies thought forms. It is has been used extensively in healing, meditation and spiritual development since ancient times.

Platinum has been called the “solid wisdom metal“. It has a time attribute similar to lead which gives it extra dimensionality and a viewpoint of the wisdom of hindsight or foresight. Platinum is an excellent metal for soul meditations as it stimulates the pineal gland to help find and keep on a true road in this lifetime and also to help enhance the accomplishment and completion of goals. Whereas Silver is a high level conductor, an open river that carries all things both ways.


Angel Aura Quartz is an excellent Aura cleanser and acts to stimulate and clear all of the chakra energy centers. It also opens the Crown chakra, creating a clear connection with the physical and astral bodies. It facilitates an altered state of consciousness and allows our mind to let go during meditation or when undertaking in spiritual practices so we can truly connect to the universe and receive relevant information from spirit guides.

I wear my Chida Kashah Angel Aura amulet constantly as I feel it keeps me calm, at peace and connected, even when times get stressful I can still connect to my higher self and attune to my intuition when wearing this crystal. It emits tranquility and accentuates the beauty within and the beauty of nature acting at a cellular level, dispelling disorder and restoring balance.


Angel Aura, also known as Opal Aura, invokes psychic protection, psychic visions, access to Akashic records and highest wisdom and is an ideal centre piece for a crystal grid.

The amulet is set with lava beads which literally come from the core of the earth! Fiery brimstone that bubbles to the surface and cools, enriched with minerals which can be absorbed when in contact with the skin. It has strong grounding qualities as it comes from raw energy and is the perfect companion to the Angel Aura totem.



If you would like to order a bespoke, hand-made Angel Aura Quartz amulet, please check this link:


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    I am a university student who did a small study of CEMI theory, and wanted to know more about the physical makeup of your products, specifically how you think quartz and lavabeads function?

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