Kundalini Rising

The healing energy behind Soul Adventures, Trish Whelan, gives an insight to the ancient science and benefits of kundalini yoga.

Trish Whelan is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, a reiki master teacher, a shamanic practitioner and sound therapist based in Ibiza, where she holds regular classes and retreats incorporating kundalini yoga and shamanic practices, alongside healing.

Trish specializes in returning people to their bliss, below she gives her insight to the rising of the Kundalini energy.


“Kundalini yoga is an ancient scientific technology for happiness and the practice of kundalini yoga gives us a real and true experience of our soul.

Each experience can be different – but we always have an experience.

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga we release the spirit, we re-connect with the true essence of our soul’s consciousness and we begin to radiate grace, beauty, bounty and bliss.


The kundalini energy – the spiritual nerve, the soul nerve – resides at the base of the spine and this energy rises up in the central nerve channel – the sushumna.

Kundalini literally means the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved and when we release the kundalini energy we uncoil the being, and through the uncoiling of the being we raise our vibrations which naturally lead to an experience of the kundalini rising.

Of course, once we have a kundalini rising experience, the on-going experience is to keep it up and to keep the channels clean and clear … and that is why we continue to practice! That is why kundalini rising is not a one off crazy cosmic illusion, but is a real actual on-going way of life, and it feels good!

We practice accessing these wonderful realms of bliss though observing and honouring the ancient teachings, which were introduced to the west at the end of the 1960s by the spiritual master, Yogi Bhajan.


Then, as now, these teachings were deemed pretty radical and instead of  thinking we simply must feel the energy generated during and after a class, to fully get a handle on what this is all about.

It’s not about words and explanations and cajoling the mind – it’s about rising above the ego and the thoughts of the monkey mind, and getting yourself on the mat to open up to the transformation that is here for everyone – absolutely everyone can have this experience.

There is no coming down, there is only a way up to reach your infinite bliss, ultimate happiness and to feel super-humanly human – not in an ego way; this is nothing to do with the ego and everything to do with the soul.

Each class, or kriya, is different, as there are thousands, so its never boring and if you listen and are guided by your soul, the class that is presented to you is always the perfect experience for you in that moment.

And the music! What a gift we have with kundalini yoga music which is enhancing the practice and in fact there has always been such a strong link between kundalini yoga and music. Many teachers, myself included, play the gong, which is the ultimate sound healer at the end of each class.

Also, I love to note that they opened the Woodstock festival in 1969 with the whole crowd practicing kundalini yoga as they waited for Richie Havens to come on.


Throughout his time here with us, Yogi Bhajan talked a lot about the dawning of the new Age Of Aquarius … He said that this kundalini technology would be essential to help us to navigate these times, to keep clear, to keep connected to keep steady.

And here we are, all of us, you and I stepping hand in hand into these amazing new times and I for one am so happy that I have these teachings and this technology because I have never been happier, a real happiness right deep down in my soul.

So enough of the words I invite you to have the experience and see how it really feels for you deep down in yours.”

Trish xxx


“Make yourself so happy so that when others see you they become happy too” – Yogi Bhajan

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