Cosmic Pineapple summer highlights

An overview of Cosmic Pineapple’s summer months! “One thing I have noticed, and continue to notice with these events, is that they are full of creative change makers, curious at what’s out there and up there, and who want to bring in healing inside and out.” – By Kim Booth

As I write this I have one month to prepare for the first ever Cosmic Pineapple retreat, which will be held in the north of Ibiza from 21-25 October, leading up to the full moon. This will focus on the energies of the higher three chakras, completing our journey at Pikes, Ibiza, this summer.

The theme of Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes in Ibiza this year was to work through the chakras, I chose this focus as the chakras were the first energetic language that I began to understand, and which helped me work through things in an energetic way, rather than attaching to what the perceived problem was (everything happening outside is a mirror of energies working through on the inside). I wanted to share this philosophy and intention with others, via workshops, creativity, talks, music and more. We held four events at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, from June to early September, which focused on the first four chakras. And the vibe this year was for wild childs (or children, for those who want to say it proper), to tap into their cosmic energy. One thing I have noticed, and continue to notice with these events, is that they are full of creative change makers, curious at what’s out there and up there, and who want to bring in healing inside and out.



Root – Awaken

The first event, which focused on awakening and the energies of the root chakra, was powerful! Energetically the root chakra represents how we feel safe and secure, it is how we feel grounded and where our life force begins. The word ‘awaken’ felt appropriate.  A lot of the time we are so removed from our basic connection to mamma earth, and my intention was to hold elements within the mini festival that allow us to feel this connection.


One of my favourite aspects of these events, is how people come together to make them happen.  The creative aspect in full flow! There is a quote from Carl Jung that I love: “For two personalities to meet is like mixing two chemical substances: if there is any combination at all, both are transformed.” – I love it when people meet, talk, share, connect and experiment with new things – this is how we grow!

I held the opening ceremony of the first event, as I felt to set the intentions and explain what was what. This flowed into a chakra meditation,  jujitsu to help manage your own energy in the presence of others, yoga from Joga Beats and more in the Cosmic Activation dome. Elsewhere we had a crystal grid workshop with Etamanel, to connect to these beautiful and powerful earth energy transmitters, a sound healing workshop with Arktara, a planting workshop, a grounding tantra class with Coco, an earth mandala class from Chali creations, cacao dance medicine with Aurore and the magical Soul Song on the roof. I also loved seeing my rave friends, who have made a switch from the rave to the healing arts, giving healings and holding space!


It teaches me a lot of trust to work these events and doing them for charity helps me step outside of myself to do them. On the first event there were quite a few times I just burst into tears because it felt too much, but a big part of the cosmic event philosophy is that it’s based on one of my favourite yogic paths – Bhakti  – meaning devotion – where you devote your practice to someone or something else.  Everyone who comes gives a charity donation on entry and is then dedicating their ‘practice’ inside to a cause greater than themselves. We had the amazing Cosmic Bazaar market, with artisan sellers of clothes, accessories, crystals, creams and lotions and potions, from across the island, and in the night we danced. Ida Engberg and Sis played two amazing sets and I especially loved the ending. The last two hours are the point where I don’t need to think about anything any more, I am happy as long as there is good music and I am surrounded by good friends.




Sacral – Creativity
The second event focused on the energy of the sacral chakra, which is the energy of creativity, sexuality… and surrender. Even though the key focus was creativity, for me it had to be surrender, as I just had to go with it. There are so many things happening all at once and there are moments where I don’t know where to go or flow. But then this is where the magic happens, just surrender and see where it takes you…  It was also Babyjane’s birthday, which made it a lot more fun. The Goys n Birls collective from Berlin came over and we had many colourful characters running around, including Raven Mandella, which was amazing to witness. We had a live poolside Pioneer radio broadcast with Josh Wink (whose son was also running around being awesome) and Cici and we also showed a film from the Ibiza Preservation Fund, followed by a screening of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Elsewhere there was a sacred geometry art class with Francesca Love Artist, a meditation with Solara An Ra, a tantra class with Elena Texidor, Morgan Yakus gave a Hypno workshop entitled design your future self, a beautiful crystal bowl bath with Jeremie Quidu, and we had the story project come and do a session on the roof, where people were invited to come and tell their story for five minutes. A little boy of about six sat in the story telling chair and announced he wanted to tell a story about love… which I heard of after, and it made my heart do a little leap! There was also a midnight gong with the Gong Master on the tennis courts (well, kind of, it was an hour late because the films ran over) and in the night we finished with music from Cici, Josh Wink and Hiroko Yamamura.
Solar Plexus – Transformation 
The third event sky rocketed out there. It was on the energy of the solar plexus and transformation. On a human level this is where we feel confident in ourselves and our abilities and empowered within – shining our inner light. We had a kundalini yoga class from Trish Whelan, Qi gong, breath work, an empowering talk from one of my oldest rave friends, Jo Little, about her journey of transformation. A few years ago Jo had a severe brain aneurism and her journey bought her from a being a full power tour manager and party girl, to laying in a coma with us all not sure if she would make it, to now becoming a powerful creative space holder. She has so much fire and determination! And the day before the event I realised that Daniel Pinchbeck was on the island and so I asked him if he would be up for coming to give a little talk. He has written some great books, the most recent is ‘How Soon Is Now‘ and he came and gave a powerful talk on the shifts we need to make collectively now in order to survive here and evolve.
I also had my little fairy Goddaughter, Odessa, come and be my cosmic assistant, which was actually more work than it would have been if I was alone (she is seven), but was so enjoyable and something I will treasure forever. She is a future new world leader and has a very powerful energy. All day she kept asking (moaning) as to when the mermaids were getting there and when the mermaid finally did arrive she was so happy that it made my heart want to explode. Even though when I asked her about it afterwards, she said “Kimmy I know the mermaid wasn’t real – I could see her feet”… brilliant). The event was also on the eve of the full moon eclipse and was really a portal to a big change. So many amazing people came together and it really felt something special and alive in every moment. In the night we had a midnight gong bath on the highest point of Pikes (which was actually at midnight this time) and we had crazy amazing music with AFRODEUTSCHE, Acid Mondays, Cassy and Richie Ahmed. Even Pete Tong came to hang out and when he found out that I had organised it he said “well done, I’m proud of you.” which was a very happy moment!
Cosmic Corners
I spent August in the UK and held the first official Cosmic Corners at Camp Bestival and Bestival, this was probably my favourite two weeks of the year so far! Again, I am so grateful for the amazing people that came together to make it happen, firstly Rob Da Bank and the Slow Motion ladies for allowing it, then my friend Tracy for putting up the tent (I couldn’t because I was working at Cosmic in Ibiza), my aunty Tracey collecting pieces to make the art projects and my lovely friend Sam made wine cork magic toadstools, fairy houses and worked so hard to set it up and hold space for the first day at Camp Bestival! I landed onsite on the full moon eclipse and it just felt magic.  The first weekend for Camp Bestival was spent with mums and dads and children of all ages, who came to enjoy sound baths, make fairy houses and magic wands, pull a fairy card and find a space to relax and connect. My highlight was making magic wands with special intentions – one little girl’s intention was `to make the earth happy again´ which was beautiful (and poignant)! And I loved playing singing bowls with children. I had about 13 children ranging from 4 – 15 at one point and getting them all to open their voices and sing like no one was watching, was a special moment! We had to close on the Sunday as there was a huge storm – mamma nature once again showing she is the one in charge.

The second weekend was magic. I was joined by my friend Andrea Proffitt from cacao club to hold singing bowl meditations, cacao ceremonies and workshops all weekend – crystal weaving workshops, dream catchers, an introduction to shamanism, and more. It was so inspiring to receive young adults, who were so open and eager to try this. We had people come back every day, with questions and an open mind and heart. The main inspiring element for me was remembering when I was a young raver and how happy I would have been to receive this! We had people come and say that after a cacao ceremony they felt open and happy and didn’t feel the need to get lost in the partying side of things, but could enjoy the music and dancing. It was magic!

I flew directly back to Ibiza after the festival to join the Elrow guys for the midsummer festival at Cova Santa for a Cosmic Corner on 08.08 (Lion’s Gate). Along with my friend Genia and the lovelies from Charito Wellness bee therapy in Ibiza, we held space offering massage and reiki, cacao, bee wisdom and card readings… And blowing the conch when the music, courtesy of Damian Lazarus and 2ManyDJs, went off.  This was quite a high energy event! Here again we had people completely new to cosmic things, wanting to know more. I met lots of people who reminded me of myself when I was a teenager and early 20s, and to be able to plant these initial cosmic seeds was brilliant (this is one of the primary aims of Cosmic Pineapple, and then people go on their own magical paths to open up).



The day after Elrow Midsommar, I went back to the UK to teach yoga and hold a cacao ceremony at Houghton festival. At the festival I taught yoga twice and I closed my working weekend with a new moon cacao ceremony and crystal bowl bath. This also completed the bonkers two weeks I had had since July 26 and was so special.  It bought together my two worlds and was one of my all time personal highlights! When I moved to London at 18, I was very blessed to enter into a disco family at Defected records, Luke Howard (who is part of Horsemeat Disco) took me under his disco wing (alongside Guy Williams) and I used to go to all of their gay and mixed parties in London, which is where I received most of my dancefloor training! I had bright pink hair and was known as ‘Pinky’.

Luke played the Saturday day of Houghton with Horsemeat (which was ace under the sun) and in the evening came to the cacao ceremony with his friends. He sat with me before it began and made me feel very safe to hold the space, which meant so much!  And so many of my beautiful friends came, which made the feeling very warm and nurturing for all of us.  I think there was about 50 people in total, which is by far the biggest ceremony I have held.  I served everyone cacao (it was a small amount to connect and receive the energy of cacao) and we set intentions, received a cosmic card and then everyone lay down whilst I played crystal bowls and sang some medicine songs. I only found my singing voice with crystal bowls. I have always loved to sing, but I couldn’t find the sound that fitted my voice. Through sound healing (and yoga) I have learnt that spirit expresses itself through your voice (well, through everything, but our voice is divine expression), and this wisdom helps me open up to sing. So I know I am ‘in spirit’ when my voice is flowing. At the end of the ceremony a great visual artist called Daisy Dickinson played her light projection and my friend Emma Charlton (another great artist) started doing this kind of yoga dance underneath, which was amazing and inspired me to ask the ladies to come to Ibiza to collaborate at the Cosmic Pineapple closing party.

After it all finished I very happily went to see Craig Richards and Andrew Weatherall and it was so powerful! I literally ran to the front (and lost my friends in the process!) to see the changeover, which was like witnessing a dimensional shift; the energy these guys carry through music is so powerful.


Heart – Love

And then it was back to Ibiza! The fourth Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes event was for the heart and love, compassion and what it also felt to be was connection and friendship. The highlight for me was my friends coming together to share and especially the sister connection we held. I had a few girlfriends stay at my house and the night before we sat and shelled cacao for the cacao ceremony and the ladies, who mostly had only just met, began to connect. I love friend chats – from the light and joyful to the deep and meaningful, it’s so powerful to connect and share. The morning of the event we all went to Es Vedra for a cosmic ritual and then it was to Pikes and full on mode decorating and getting it all ready. The event had a used plastic straw workshop – one of the things I wanted to demonstrate was how many used plastic straws we use in Ibiza and the workshop, held by Kleber Kubrick, transformed used plastic straws into art. The Cosmic Activation dome was again super powerful – with a sister circle with Girls That Grow, a man circle, yoga, a crystal meditation for self love from Wolf Sister, a ritual workshop for self love from Mama Moon Candles, Shaman Durek and Conscious Jaguar gave a talk that turned into a massive releasing workshop for the new paradigm of love and heart awakening, and then I gave a little thank you cacao ceremony and sound bath, which turned into a dance and visuals with Emma and Daisy!




Elsewhere we very happily welcomed back the wonderful Soul Song Ibiza – they just open hearts and bring tears to the eyes every time! Great market stalls from across Ibiza, eco glitter, live art, tattooing and great great music from Cici, who has been the cosmic resident since the start – she for me embodies a cosmic creatress; so full of cosmic fire and light and I love seeing her path her way and rise and shine in the world, Ceri played her first deep love Cosmic Pineapple set, Santaya, PeachyAroo bringing his cosmic energy, 90s R&B around the pool from TooFine, Gray Swan bringing his vibes, Alex Wolfenden being an alien, a cosmic third eye light machine and we had Swedish fairy queen Ida Engberg return to play a Mixmag lab special, which brilliantly had Babyjane in the booth with her for most of it.





And to the transition! 

I can’t wait to hold this magic space for everyone on the Cosmic Pineapple retreat in October. Over four nights the focuses will be the throat – expression, the third eye – intuition, and the crown – cosmic connection, with final full day of the retreat and ending on a magical full moon ceremony! I love the moon and can’t wait to share some cosmic moon magic. My intention is that people attending will open up to their unique expression of their cosmic self, connect to the sky energies and ground this down to Mother Earth, ready to bring out into the world and not only feel a higher expression within, but also make mamma earth happy.  I will bring together some really creative and magical souls to create some magic for souls in need to come and receive!

With love on this journey.  Dear rainbow children, I hope to meet you at some place over the rainbow. Kim xx

 A huge thank you to all at Pikes (especially Sarah and Dawn!) and everyone who made this happen! Artworks by Polly Dallas and Blissdorf!

Cosmic Pineapple raised over €10,000 euros for different charities in 2018! 

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