Cosmic Pineapple – Full Moon higher chakra retreat

October 21 – 25: Cosmic Pineapple four day retreat in Ibiza, leading to the full moon.

Following from a four-part event series at Pikes, Ibiza, Cosmic Pineapple completes the journey of the seven chakras with a four-night retreat in the north of the island. Come join us from October 21st-25th to explore, balance and heal the higher three energy centres.

We begin on the evening of October 21st and have three full days leading to a magical full moon ceremony on the evening of the 24th. Our intention is for you to leave this retreat with a heightened vibration, feeling more connected, open and trusting in the magic of life, grounded in the present moment and focused for your cosmic new beginnings.


Overview of Cosmic intentions:

Through yoga, meditation, ceremony, connection exercises, sound journeys, lovingly prepared organic vegan food and drink, mantra and workshops, we will work creatively through the energies of the below. With something extra special planned for the full moon! The beautiful retreat house is set in the north of the island with both inside and outdoor yoga spaces, a library, lots of cosy hide holes and is close by beaches and walks to explore.


Sample day:

8am Yoga (we will offer vinyasa and kundalini yoga)
10am: Breakfast
11am: Talk, creative class or meditation focusing on the energetic intention of the day.
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Free time (can book in massages, walks, readings, etc, in this time).
5pm:  Movement / Ceremony
7pm: Sound healing

9pm: Free time and sleep


October 21 – Afternoon arrival / evening class 

Connecting and grounding in through the lower four chakras in preparation for the retreat.



October 22nd – The Throat chakra – EXPRESSION

Connect to your truth, expression, inspiration, wisdom, sound and vibration, breath, manifest greater abundance. Telepathy. Ethereal and astral hearing. Peace. Wisdom. Gentleness. Spacetime. Loyalty.

12931906 - the throat chakra



23rd October – Third Eye chakra  – INTUITION

Connection to your inner knowing and intuitive self. Cacao, connection, meditation, vision, psychic knowing, clairvoyance, immune system, creative visualisation, devotion, extraordinary powers, deep insight.




24th October – Crown chakra  – COSMIC CONNECTION – FULL MOON

Here you become the channel between the earth and sky, integrate sky energies into your physical body. Activate spirit essence, pineal gland, oneness, higher self, divine magic, cosmic energy, higher forces of universe. Purification of subtle bodies. Integration. Higher self. Infinite oneness. Selfless service. Unity. Liberate yourself.


25th October – Morning yoga and integration. Check out @ 9.30am.




Cosmic Pineapple Retreat

October 21st – 25th (check in 2pm / check out 9.30am on the 25th)


Xuclar Suite (double) – €1,333 euros (two people sharing)
Single occupancy €1,111
Xarraca (double) ) €1,222 euros (two people sharing)
Single occupancy €999
D’en Serra (double) €1,222 euros (two people sharing)
Single occupancy €999
S’illot (double)  €1,111 euros (two people sharing)
Single occupancy €999
Moon Beach (Twin) – €1,222 (two people sharing)

You can check out the rooms here:



Ibiza islander prices:

There is also options for people living on the island to join.  Food and teaching included. Spaces are limited!

€444 for full three days (and first evening introduction)

€111 per day

***  SPECIAL OFFER – 10% discount offered before August 31st 


A €555 deposit is required to reserve your place.

 Please email for all enquiries