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“The improvisation of Soulsong brightens the room, enlightening the path to follow, and cleaning the heart all through the simple intuitive expression of what is.”

In 2017 a mutual friend told me of a singer called Lex Empress, who channels your soul’s song with her beautiful voice.

Intrigued I got in contact for Cosmic Pineapple and she invited me to her yurt for the SoulSong experience. Inside a beautiful circular red Mongolian yurt, decorated with fine paintings around its edges and with a small stove in the middle, I was invited to sit down and receive.

I sat on the floor in front of her and her partner Gilian, as she sat on a stool and he sat behind his Keyboard. She asked for a few words from me, I gave her magic, cosmic, love and others I can’t remember. She closed her eyes and Gilian entered with some musical chords, Lex gave a little ‘mmm’ and a smile and she was off.  I can´t remember the words but her message was so powerful and her voice sounded like something from one of my favourite Disney films. Tears started to roll down my cheeks and I was captivated in their music and the message she gave.

“The improvisation of Soulsong brightens the room, enlightening the path to follow, and cleaning the heart all through the simple intuitive expression of what is.”

Lex, a tall statuesque empress-like figure from the Netherlands, comes from a family of intuitives and her gift is also of song. Through music and spirit, she channels through the soulsong, which is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. A really special moment to experience  of Cosmic Pineapple, Soulsong return for the Cosmic Pineapple closing to hold space for four  hours to channel your soul’s song, Find her on the wisdom shelf between 5pm-9pm.  I asked her some questions below.


When and how did you first realise you could channel through song?

I realized that I could transmit information through song when I was performing with a hip-hop band in Germany. I noted that my sensitivity made it possible for me to read the person in front of me and actually refer to that specific person in singing. While the guys were freestyle rapping I started freestyle singing. A career was born.


This is a completely unique spirit art that you offer, if I am correct?

Worldwide we haven’t encountered anyone yet who does exactly the same thing as we do. So for now we still are unique.


How did you meet Gilian and begin working together?

We met through a befriended producer who introduced us and told us that we had to work together. Gilian played the first notes, and I heard words in the music. We created an album called 2150, that will be done by end of this year and we started doing improvs as a tool to transform as many lives as we can.


How does the soul song work for you and what is Gilian’s take on how it works for him?

We disconnect as much as we can from ego and identification with the outcome and connect as much as we can with what is happening on the spot. We then transmit whatever comes. This for corporate clients who need to transform their business, for charities who want to move their crowd and our own audiences worldwide. We never know what will happen musically, lyrically and content wise. Very exciting!


How long have you been living in ibiza?
It’s been a little bit under three years and still riding the wild horse that is this beautiful island.


Where have you done this work around the world?

Oh wow so many places. From NY to Bali, from Rio de Janeiro to Ibiza. To us our TEDtalks were special because it was such an honor to speak and perform them. We also did a soulsong for 6000 people adding words for one song! So bizarre! I have to say that in a way, every experience has been memorable because every experience has been completely unique and very special, due to the nature of the way we work, improvising every song we play. Also the small concerts for fewer people. They are delicate. but yeah, we also played SXSW in Austin for technology and music people there. Great experience as well. It’s all mind blowing in a way.


What is your ritual to stay cosmic and in spirit?

We don’t drink, we don’t do drugs, we don’t smoke we don’t eat sugar we are vegan we travel a lot, we do not believe in regular education, we try persistently to be more and more present in the moment and interact with what is happening right here and now. We understand and live by the rule that compassion is the only thing that leads to happiness. We share a lot. We give a lot. And we are open to synchronicity and serendipity. Always.


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