Awakening in Indigo

Am I an Indigo? What does it mean? Will knowing about this help me in my life?

Ironically, Indigos are often the first to shrug off any attempt at being labelled. There can be an almost indignant response to the idea of being ‘different’. Which makes perfect sense when you consider that at their core, Indigos both intuitively understand and tangibly feel the oneness of unity consciousness. They know that we are all connected. They know that in our essence we are all one, and anything which reflects otherwise tends to create a sense of confusion or conflict. This might manifest as a strong action to change the world around them, or it can settle into a feeling of anguish that the person tries to hide or ignore.

Does it matter knowing if you’re an Indigo, or a Crystal, or a Rainbow, or a Gold or any of the other new energies that are written about…? Yes, if it helps you. And no, if it doesn’t.

Indigos received their name because that is the predominant colour of their aura. Allegedly they began to come to planet Earth from the 1950’s, although with so much channeled and often contradictory information flying around, it can be hard to find concrete knowledge. Luckily that aspect is not so important. It is not when they came that counts, but why.

Indigos, like Starseeds before them and the Crystals who followed, are souls who come to Earth with a particular purpose. They came to help bring healing and to assist with the rising vibration of humanity, and planet Earth as a whole.

Many cultures speak of how the earth has been going through a dark time. Through an age when the true meaning of spirituality was destined to be lost – within individuals, in society, and even in religion.

We only have to look around us to see how this could be true. Brother is set against brother in wars of endless kinds. People are more in touch with their fears than with their dreams. And even as some leaders look to create a more stable, free and equal world, there are always opponents, visible and hidden, who try to undermine any true change for good.

Globalization means incredible riches for some whilst acute poverty for others. And in the face of so many problems, so many issues, the average person buries their head in the sand in a futile attempt to shut everything else out, and find solace instead through their own self-interest.

The Indigos came to help change that.

And the reason why they can do that, is because they come from another place where many of these challenges have already been resolved. They hold this vibration, this remembrance, inside of themselves, and as they are able to bring this out in the world, so it naturally helps those around them to move in harmony with it also. This process is called entrainment. And it can be used for good and for bad.

Essentially, entrainment is the process of coming into alignment with the principal dynamic. And this can happen physically or energetically. Bridges have collapsed, because people walking across them naturally fell into the same rhythm of step creating an unexpected stress on the bridge design. In world war 2, good people did atrocious things, partially because those in control were trying to drop human decency to an all-time low.

During the dark ages, it could be seen that humanity was at risk of being caught in an ever-descending spiral. Consciously, and unconsciously, people were moving into a constant state of taking instead of giving, of master and servant. And out in the universe, other beings, races, civilizations and inhabited worlds were watching with compassion and contemplating what and if anything could be done to help.

There are many people who look to the stars and feel a sense of home. Frequently these are people who have existed in other parts of the universe. And whilst watching the night sky, they feel a tug in their hearts, as the knowing lost in their sub-conscious reminds them something greater is at play. These people came here as a result of this universal compassion. A desire to help humanity turn the tide and begin realizing how incredible they really are.


On one level, Indigos are different. Because they intuitively remember unity consciousness and what life can be like when a society as a whole remembers, the actions of current earth reality can be incredibly confusing. As a child, it is often easy to feel intense pain or sadness at the witness of harm happening to another life force – whether it is another person, a plant or an animal. The harm can also be real or on TV. It can be physical, emotional or mental.

Indigos are more receptive to subtle energies, sensing an uncomfortable vibration in a room where the residue of an earlier argument still lingers. But those who live with them, or around them, often do not have the same sensitivity. To them, the actions of the Indigo, the desires, wishes, those things which attract or repel, seem illogical. And annoying. So the child is told to stop, or that they are wrong.

Many Indigos will display evidence of psychic faculties at an early age, but often shut them off, based on the reactions, disbelief and ridicule of their peers and family.

Of course, this is not true for all Indigos. There are many who do grew up in supportive environments. And when their gifts and natural tendencies are fully nourished, it is mind-blowingly amazing what they can accomplish and sometimes so young. Creating works of art or music that can touch your soul. Making great leaps of understanding in science, or innovation.

A good friend of mine, as an adult Indigo, is a balanced and inspiring person who lives his life from the heart, and is motivated by a strong need to help other people. When he shared a story with me about how as a teenager, he literally tried to run his mother over in a car, my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe it! But I could.

This is not just his story. Indigos who grow up without a certain level of support and understanding, often try and channel all that they feel and sense into any direction that will enable them to stop feeling more. There can be strong tendencies towards drugs, alcohol and towards rebellion. Indigos don’t naturally take well to authority, particularly those who want you to just play along and follow the rules. But they can also find it easy to be influenced by others, especially when looking to regain that sense of unity within a group.

As sensitive people, Indigos can be more affected than others (in a negative way) by the use of drugs, alcohol and the food drugs like processed foods, white sugar and white flour. Whilst on a superficial level it might seem to help, it is actually making it much harder for them to find a state of balance and centredness. It is really important for Indigos (and for all people really) to eat a wholesome diet that genuinely nourishes and strengthens the body.

The fact that Indigos don’t always grow up in the ‘right’ environment is also for a reason. Through transcendence, it enables them to act as a bridge and help those in similar circumstances.

As Indigos are able to heal and integrate whatever experiences they had growing up, they create pathways for others to do the same. It is always the first path that is the hardest. If you’ve ever found yourself in the jungle, literally cutting your way through with a machete – it is incredibly slow. Yet for the person who comes behind you, now that same step passes in a millisecond.

Indigos may also find themselves in tough situations because they have the ability to heal and cleanse karma, for themselves and for others. During these times though, what is most important is that they hold true to the values that they know are paramount. Compromise will not sit well with an Indigo, and depending on what is happening, it probably shouldn’t. However patience, respect, loving kindness – these virtues must always be there. The biggest difference that all Indigos can make in this world is by showing through the way they live, and what they do, that there is another way to make things happen.

A better way. A conscious way. A way that considers the ripples of consequence in every direction, and strives as much as possible for each of those ripples to be in the Highest Good.

The first step is for an Indigo to know themselves. To be able to understand who they are, what they can do, and what they are here to do. Indigos might well be drawn (peer pressure withstanding) to metaphysical studies, meditation, alternative healing, plant healing and any system that helps expands consciousness and soul wisdom. Indigos are often called old souls. There is this feeling, even as they say a few simple words that touch you profoundly, that this knowledge is the product of endless lifetimes. As you look into their eyes, you can almost see their vision of a new world.

Of course it is not really ‘them’ that is so great, but their connection with spirit that flows easily through them. Generally Indigos understand this. If there is arrogance or superiority, it usually indicates that the Indigo is feeling disconnected from their own spirit, and the importance of bringing the connection back.

Generally metaphysics resonates quickly and easily. When it does not, but the interest continues, this often indicates the person will work in a field that will bring ultimately look to bridge conventional science and logic with metaphysical science and intuition.

Indigos often benefit from new age healing therapies. And part of their journey may involve the necessity to heal and bring back into alignment all the aspects within themselves. Once this happens, the thoughts of an Indigo invariably turn to how they may help others.

This help can be in a million different ways. There are Indigos in the UN, just as they are in the music industry. There are Indigos working alone, and working in groups. They may be ‘leading’ or one of the team. There is no right and wrong about what the help is. The greatest difference about the work of an Indigo is how it happens.

The real gift of an Indigo is the vibration they hold inside of themselves. Each and every person has the ability to listen to a higher calling, and to act on that. They have always had that, but it has been forgotten. By holding this connection, Indigos awaken that ability in others. This is why Indigos can feel so inspiring and motivating.

This is the new paradigm of change in planet earth. As a natural process that arises from an aspiration to fulfil a higher yearning. A recognition that all people matter, not just the ones closest to you. A deepening of compassion, combined with the courage and confidence to stand up for what you believe in and to take action. No more talking and complaining, but the ability to start something, join something. Do something.


For the Indigo helping to blaze this trail, there are potential pitfalls. They may find much anger and negativity. If seen with judgement, it will only serve to accentuate their sense of pain. Blaming, judging, gossiping and harsh words will feel to the Indigo like a rift in the soul as wrong as the conflict they wish to see end.

A wise person said, “Everything in this world is either giving love, or a call for love”. And the Indigo must hold to that. To help with this, it can be really great for Indigos to surround themselves by people, books, music and environments that inspire them and enable them to maintain this strong belief in love and light, even when the outside world is shouting differently.

Humanity is in a time of awakening and the world is changing. How all this is going to look, we don’t yet know. But if we want to create a place of harmony, truth and joy, then we must feel and express that vibration from within. Change doesn’t happen on the outside. It comes from within. And Indigos can support this process, not because they are different, but because they are the same.

Searching for ‘Indigos’ on the internet, articles pop up calling them Master Teachers, Great Souls and Healers. Yes, Indigos can be this. They have this potential. Just as every person on this planet has that potential. But it must be realized, and that requires work. The call to the Indigo is the same call that begins to ring out in the heart of everyone – to find the very best in yourself and to share that with others, in the best way that you can. The more Indigos can do that, the more everyone can do that, the easier it will be for all of us to make real change.

And through this space of change, the vision Indigos hold in the memories of their soul may, once again, become a true reality on planet earth. That this world can be a place of beauty, joy, equality and freedom. A world where brothers and sisters live side by side with acceptance and understanding. Where the earth below our feet nourishes and sustains us as we nourish and sustain it. A world where each day, each moment, and every person, is celebrated for all the gifts they have to share.


This article was written by Kathryn Witts. If you would like more, please see ‘Sunflowers on Earth’ at