The wisdom of the chakras

If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikolas Tesla

I am not going to pretend that I know the secrets to the universe, but, with the help of the above wisdom from Tesla, I am learning. When you think – and trust – above the physical of what is presented in front of your eyes, life gets a lot more interesting.

When you are in the physical, you are stuck in the physical – stuck in the mind, stuck in the emotions. When you open up to the energetic frequencies and realize there is something else beyond physical manifestations of what the eyes can perceive, you can start to think higher and look deeper. Sometimes the physical that is presented just can’t give you the fuel, answers and healing your soul and spirit need inside.

Working with chakras is a great way to work with energy.


What are chakras?

‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word – meaning wheel. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy, located outside our physical body and within our etheric body. Here we receive, transmit and process life’s energies.

Everything is energy. We (humans) are manifested forms of energy.

We have seven chakras for our human body. There are said to be many more energy centres around and above, but don’t worry about those yet. You need to work from the bottom line up; sort out the roots before you move to the higher stuff, or things get messy and you will probably get delusional.

The chakra colours are like the rainbow – starting from the bottom to the top – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (or sometimes White). The below image gives a rough indication of where each chakra is based.


Each chakra vibrates at a particular colour frequency, starting at the lowest frequency at the bottom, and highest at the top.



Each chakra holds certain qualities, functions, emotions, lessons and attitudes related to human life.

If you have a problem within the physical body, or with a particular emotion, or negative pattern, it is good to work on healing the energy of the chakra this problem relates to, rather than dwelling on what you think is wrong and getting stuck and repeating patterns. You can work on understanding and healing the energy, which always manifests before the physical issue.

One of the main things of working with chakras, for me, is that it took me out of my pain body and the ‘why me’ questions, etc. It was more like a quest to heal the displaced energy, without getting stuck in the details of why it was there in the first place… Then things kind of magically heal as they should, as you don’t hold resistance.

I invite you to look at the qualities and lessons and write down anything that pops out that you think you need to work on. I.E. If you can’t keep still and feel un-grounded, you can see it is something to do with the root chakra, and you can work on certain exercises and sounds etc to come back into balance.

Always give yourself compassion when working on yourself. It is very easy to place blame etc when you are doing self-work, but you need to come out of this (understanding and forgiveness is key!). You can slip in and out, especially in day-to-day life and being around lower vibrational people and lower frequencies (drugs, alcohol for example). It’s a daily process to recognize the things that bring you out of alignment and to bring yourself back into alignment, so that you flow at your best.

You can heal yourself by certain types of music, foods, colours, yoga poses, crystals, nature, Bija Mantras (Single-syllable mantras, known as Bija (seed) mantras, are the easiest to remember and recite; they’re also the most powerful). I have listed some healing aspects below – it is great to build a conscious daily practice to find balance.

Note you can be too higher energy of a chakra, or too lower energy. Some things relate to more than one chakra.

We are evolving from generations that have a lot of difficulties behind, a lot of things buried and a lot of things unsaid; energy carried on from parents, society problems and more. The only thing you can take account for is yourself, and when you are in balance, this will shine and inspire those around you.

Below is a comprehensive list, gathered from various sources on the qualities of each chakra. Please take some time and look inside to help you find balance.

*Note the frequencies related to the chakras are based on solfeggio frequencies. There are different frequency ‘languages’, but this is the one I resonated with for this piece.


1 – Root / Mulhadara


Physical Location: Base of the spine

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

Functions: Roots, survival, gives vitality to the physical body, life force, self-preservation, instincts.

Glands / Organs: Adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs, bones.

Metaphysical Aspects: The seat of Kundalini energy within the body.

Qualities / lessons: Feeling safe and secure, matters related to the material world, the physical body, grounding, individuality, stability, stillness, success, health, courage, patience, battery of being, self-esteem.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Fear, guilt, reactive, feeling spacey, feeling unsafe, aggressive, belligerent, manipulative, impulsive, reckless, inability to recognize limits, abrupt, domineering, craving excitement, possessive and territorial, needing approval, acting without thinking, power conscious, constantly active (hyperactive), reluctant to defer gratification, bullying, obsessively sexual, self centered, insecure, violent, greedy, angry, overly concerned with ones physical survival, tension in the spine, constipation, fatigue, laziness, obsessed with material possessions and security, low self-esteem.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz, agate, hematite.

Foods: Root vegetables, proteins, red fruits.

Yoga posture: Squat

Practice: Bare feet walking on the earth – connection. Jump up and down to bring you back to earth.

Essential oil / scents: Patchouli, geranium, cedar, clove.

Sounds: Bass / percussion. brass / piano / soothing repetitive nature sounds.

Frequency:  396 Hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Lung’

Keynote: C



  1. Sacral / Swadhisthana


Physical location: Lower abdominal to naval area

Colour: Orange

Element: Water

Functions: Emotions. Creativity; procreation, assimilation and elimination of food, physical force and vitality, sexuality. A major centre influencing the detoxification of the body.

Glands / organs: Ovaries, testicles, prostate, genitals, spleen, womb, bladder.

Metaphysical aspects: The centre influencing sensation and emotion. It is tied to the consciousness of creativity. Controls the personality functions and can be stimulated to open one to communication with energies and beings upon the astral plane.

Qualities / lessons: Giving and receiving, emotions, desire, pleasure, sexual / passionate love, change, movement, assimilation of new ideas, health, family, tolerance, surrender, working harmoniously and creatively with others, coordinates instincts – hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, sensibility, imagination, creativity, facilitating change.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Over indulgence in food or sex, sexual difficulties, confusion, purposelessness, jealousy, envy, desire to possess, impotence, uterine and / or bladder problems, seduction, passion. Selfishly arrogant, lustful, proud, conceited, vain, mistrustful of others, following the crowd, worrying what others will think, unable to get along with others, inability to express yourself, valuing social status, expansive without substance, power seeking, anti social. Painful period, infertility. Creative block.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Carnelian, coral, gold calcite, amber, citrine, gold topaz, peach aventurine.

Foods: Liquids, orange fruits and vegetables.

Yoga posture: Pigeon

Practice: Giving and receiving, look at the full moon, cleanse in the sea.

Essential oil/ scents: Jasmine, sandalwood, orange, peppermint, ylang ylang.

Sounds: Bass, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, music that flows like water.

Frequency: 417 hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Vwung’

Keynote: D




  1. Solar Plexus / Manipura


Physical location: Above the navel / below the chest

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Functions: Decision making. Vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system. Digestive processes, metabolism, emotions. It assists the body in assimilation of nutrients. It is also linked to the functions for the left (action) hemisphere of the brain. By working with this centre, many crippling diseases, ulcers, intestinal problems and psychosomatic diseases are eased.

Glands / organs: Pancreas, adrenals, stomach, liver, gallbladder, muscles.

Metaphysical aspects: This centre is tied to the function of clairsentience, and general psychic energies and experiences.  It also has links to the rational thought processes. When activated for non-physical purposes, it can reveal talents and capacities of other souls. It can open our attunement to the influences of nature’s elements.

Qualities / lessons: Will, personal power, authority, energy, mastery of desire, self control, radiance, warmth, awakening, transformation, humour, laughter, immortality. Dynamism, ambition, ego, externalizing of energy. Leadership. Control, expansion.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Taking in more than one can assimilate and utilize. Too much emphasis on power and / or recognition. Anger, fear, hate. Digestive problems. Vanity, pride, violence. Feeling deprived of recognition. Aloof, dogmatic, opinionated. Fearing group power, isolating, confining life to narrow view, always planning but never manifesting, constantly needing change and novelty, judgmental, critical, mentally bulling, absolutist in attitude, see obstacles everywhere, manipulating others. Low Blood sugar. Low self-esteem. Lack of willpower.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Citrine, gold topaz, amber, tiger eye, gold calcite, gold.

Foods: Starches, yellow fruits and vegetables.

Yoga posture: Plank

Practice: Self control and laughter, bathe in the sunlight, hula hooping.

Essential oil/ scents: Chamomile, lemon, bergamot, lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus.

Sound: Flutes / woodwinds / strings / piano – orchestral to fire if overactive, harp sounds.

Frequency: 528 hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Rung’

Keynote: E



  1. Heart / Anahata


Location: Centre of the chest

Colour: Green

Element: Air

Functions: Love. Vibration of heart. Anchors the life force from the higher self. Energizes the blood and physical body with the life-force, blood circulation. Skin. It is tied to the functions of the heart itself and the circulatory system of the body. It affects the assimilation of all nutrients and is tied to the heart and all childhood diseases. It is linked to the right hemisphere of the brain and its processes. It is also tied to the process of tissue regeneration.

Metaphysical aspects: This is the meditating centre of the chakras. It is the bridge between the lower three chakras and the higher three chakras. It is the centre that awakens compassion and its expression in our lives. It is our centre for expressing the higher love and healing energies. If stimulated properly, it opens our sites to the deeper forces in plants and animals. It awakens knowledge of the sentiments and dispositions of others as well. Clairaudience, higher intuition. Creativity.

Glands / organs: Heart, thymus gland, circulatory system, arms, hands, lungs.

Qualities / lessons: divine / unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, connection, relationships, understanding, balance, group consciousness, oneness with life. Acceptance, peace, openness, harmony, contentment. Higher aesthetic, fine intellectual feelings. Sympathy, harmony, devotion, surrender. Generosity.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Angry, always expecting confirmation from others. Inability to enforce own will, financially insecure, uncertain, miserly, wanting to possess love, needing recognition from others, focused only on self, possessive, jealous, and envious, self-doubting, always blaming others, mistrustful of life. Repression of love, emotional instability, out of balance/ heart problems, circulation problems, high blood pressure, disappointment, sadness, depression, rejection. Lack of empathy. Fear of intimacy.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Emerald, green and pink tourmaline, malachite, green jade, green aventurine, chrysoprase, kunzite, rose quartz, ruby.

Foods: Green fruits and vegetables.

Yoga posture: Back bends

Practice: Unconditional love, compassion. Get in nature and surround yourself with greenery. Hugs.

Essential oil/ scents: Rose, ylang ylang, geramnium and lavender.

Sound: Harps, organs, flutes, wind chimes and all string instruments.

Frequency: 639 Hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Yung’

Keynote: F



  1. Throat / Vishudda


Location: Throat area

Colour: Blue

Element: Akasha / ether

Functions: Truth. Expression and communication. speech, sound, vibration, Tied to the functions of the throat, the esophagus, the mouth and the teeth. It is the influential in the functions of the respiratory system, the functions of the bronchial and vocal apparatus.

Metaphysical aspects: This centre is tied to the functions of the right hemisphere of the brain and the creative functions of the mind. It can be stimulated to open one to clairaudience and to manifest greater abundance. It can be stimulated so as to survey the thoughts of others (telepathy) and it opens the consciousness to insights into true laws of natural phenomena. Ethereal and astral hearing is a special function.

Glands / organs: Thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat, mouth.

Qualities / lessons: power of the spoken word. True communication. Creative expression in speech, writing, and the arts. Integration, peace, truth, knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, honesty, reliability, gentleness, kindness. Intuitive intelligence. Inspiration. Space time. purity.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Seeking domination over others, surrendering to superiors, constantly trapped by fixed ideas, clinging to tradition, always needing rules and supervision, being smug and self satisfied, rigidly dogmatic, resisting change, melancholic, fanatical, rigid and stubborn, anti-authoritarian, being slow to respond. Communication and / or speech problems. Difficulty expressing the self. Knowledge used unwisely, ignorance, lack of discernment. Depression, thyroid problems. Sore throat. Excessive talking about trivialities. Fear of being judged. Stuttering. Heart and mind are disconnected.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Turquoise, chrysocolla, celestite, blue topaz, sodalite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, azurite, kyanite.

Foods: Blue / purple fruits and vegetables.

Essential oil/ scents: Chamomile, eucalyptus, sage or tea tree oil.

Yoga posture: Camel, chanting ‘Om’, singing

Practice: True communication. Look up to the sky and contemplate what is.

Sound: Harps, organs, pianos and high string instruments.

Frequency: 741 Hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Hung’

Keynote: G



  1. Third eye/ Ajna


Location: Between the eyebrows

Colour: Indigo

Element: Light

Function: Visions, psychic knowing. Vitalizes the lower brain (cerebellum) and central nervous system. Vision.  The brow Chakra influences and functions the pituitary gland an the entire endocrine system of the body. It also has links to the immune system. It affects the synapses of the brain. It is a balancing centre for the functions of the hemispheres of the brain. It is linked to the sinuses, eyes, ears and the face in general.

Glands / organs: pituitary gland (some sources say pineal gland), left eye, nose ear.

Metaphysical aspects: This is the centre of higher clairvoyance. It opens one to higher and clearer perceptions. It is intricate in the process of imagination and creative visualization.  It can open one to spiritual. Cosmic consciousness.

Qualities / lessons: Soul realization, intuition, imagination. Clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind. Wisdom, devotion, perception beyond duality. Deep insight. Peculiar mental power. Paranormal capacities of mind. Telepathy, hypnosis. Extraordinary powers. Spiritual will. Brilliance.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance:: Worrying, fearful of the unconscious, fascinated with external intelligence. Seeking power for selfish reasons, pursuing idolized relationships, envious of others talents, impatient, late for appointments, superstitious, inefficient, unable to live in the now, spaced out, forgetful, fearful of the future, undisciplined, introverted, belittling of others, over sensitive to impressions of others, unable to manifest, lack of concentration, fear, cynicism, tension, headaches, eye problems, bad dreams. Overly detached from the world. Illusion. Headaches. Depression. Hormonal imbalance. Poor intuition.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Lapis lazuli, azurite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire, indicolite tourmaline.

Foods: Blue / purple fruits and vegetables.

Yoga posture: Meditation – eyes closed and look up to third eye.

Practice: Use your intuition

Essential oil/ scents: Juniper, rosemary, pine and frankincense.

Sounds: Harps, organs. pianos, wind chimes and high string instruments.

Frequency: 852 Hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Ung’

Keynote: A



  1. Crown / Sahasara


Location: Top of head

Colour: Violet (sometimes white)

Element: Thought / will

Functions: Connection with spirit. Vitalizes the upper brain (cerebrum). The crown chakra is tied to the functions of the nervous system and the entire skeletal system of the body. It is also linked to the balanced functioning of the hemispheres of the brain.

Glands / organs: Pineal gland, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, right eye.

Metaphysical aspects: Cosmic energy. This chakra is the link to our spiritual essence. It aligns us with the higher forces of the universe; it is powerful in the purification of our subtle bodies especially in preparing them as separate vehicles of consciousness. It can open you to all of your past lives and how they have led you to this point within the present incarnation. It is critical with integrating your spiritual self with your physical self within the circumstances of your present life.

Qualities / lessons: Unification of the Higher Self with the human personality. Oneness with the infinite. Spiritual will, inspiration, unity, divine wisdom and understanding. Idealism, selfless service. Perception beyond space and time. Continuity of consciousness. Source of genuine wisdom. Contact with the supreme. Bliss/ divine manifestation. Liberation.

Emotional / mental / physical indicators of imbalance: Feeling misunderstood, unable to have enduring relationships at deeper levels, having intense erotica imaginations, using power to overwhelm others, needing sympathy, critical, feeling shame, self denial, and self abasement, having a negative self image. Needing to feel popular or indispensable, not understanding need for tenderness. Lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation, hesitation to serve, senility. Can be blocked by ego attachment. Poor sleep habits. Difficult to meditate.


Things to assist in balancing:

Gems / minerals: Amethyst, alexandrite, diamond, sugilite, purple fluorite, quartz crystal, selenite.

Foods: This chakra is associated with the idea of fasting. You can also eat violet and purple fruits and vegetables.

Yoga posture: Head Stand – reverse the polarities and bring it down. Deep breathing.

Practice: Selfless service, being open to and listening to divine inspiration.

Essential oils, scents: lavender and frankincense

Sound: Harps, organs, pianos, wind chimes. and high string instruments.

Frequency: 963 Hz:

Bija Mantra (slowly chant this out loud): ‘Aum’

Keynote: B



Chakra Awareness Guide by A.M.I

The Science of yoga

And a book I found in Mexico but forgot the name of!


This post was written by Kim Booth




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