Cosmix 33 – Chabeli

Magic 33 Cosmix from Chabeli – A Venezuelan artist rising between the worlds of electronic music culture and ancient natural wisdom.

As people are seeking greater purpose in their existence they are craving a connection to Mother Earth and a sustainable future.

Chabeli’s vision as a transcending Amazonian artist is to bring together nature and purpose with her uplifting artistic expressions.

The medium of choice is electronic underground music. Her artistic destiny extends to fashion, photography, film and entrepreneurship; always with the intention to support the indigenous tribes of her native forest.

Entering culture as a courageous Amazonian woman breaks down the barriers of separation between ourselves and our true natural form.

Read there interview below and listen to the two hour mix special!

Where was it recorded?

The set was recorded in my home studio on a farm in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, with my ddj on a Sunday afternoon. I had to overcome a couple weeks of technical issues but I learned a lot about myself and technology from this experience.  This set was a rebirth for me!

How would you like for people to feel when they listen to the mix?

I want them to feel uplifted. Making this set has been an uplifting experience for me. I’ve been overcoming obstacles in my life. This music felt like my transcendence. I want them to feel joyful and that they are capable of accomplishing anything in their hearts.

How has music helped to sculpt and guide you in life?

Music has been the opening of a new world of growth for me. I was born and raised in the Venezuelan Amazon speaking in Spanish.  I started to be interested in other languages during my childhood listening to diverse genres including reggae, pop and rock. I started singing and dedicated myself to understanding the lyrics of what I was trying to sing.

Music has the transformative power to break barriers and limitations in my life. It has been an incredible test to follow my dream and stand for what I love.  Music keeps the fire of passion burning in my being. I find myself centered and confident when I pay attention to listen to my heartbeat, birds, wind, the rain, even the insects hanging out in the grass and flowers.

Music is?

Music is everything. It is the harmony of the universal resonance, as we are water, the sounds vibrations can affect our conscious and subconscious. I find that music is a replicating expression of a feeling, after all, we embody the earth’s heartbeat.

What does the word cosmic mean to you?

The word cosmic means to me in its full body potential within this universe and existence. I believe that being aware of the cosmic energy will set us free and will invite us to be more aware of our life experience and transition into the mystery that lives beyond the cosmos.

Please can you give us a cosmic piece of art, quote or book that moves you?

The greatest cosmic artwork that has inspired me is the Amazon Rainforest. To feel the strength of nature and our connection to it, is a microcosm that drives my understanding of the cosmic forces.

What do you think is the role of the DJ in the modern world?

The role of a DJ in the modern world is bringing people together in a joyful space to entertain and have fun. I believe that with intention and integrity DJs can make dancing a tribal action of love and purpose.  It holds the potential to be a healing experience to let ourselves be taken over through music. DJs in the modern world hold the potential to bring people to realize that we are one.

How can we make the world a better place?

I believe that accepting our hearts desire to be in service beyond our ego and desire will open a creative space to find something we love to do.  We are all witnessing the change that is happening in the collective consciousness. We have to go out of our comfort zones to see the bigger picture and have patience and compassion for ourselves and others so we are able to paddle the boat towards the same direction. I believe there is an amazing opportunity to seed strong values and sustainability teachings to the younger generation by giving the example of resilience to live with integrity.  Actions speak more than a thousand words and the ultimate action is that of love; service, sacrifice and ultimately happiness.

Are there any causes you support that you would like to bring awareness?

When I decided to grow my artistic career as a DJ/musician I had also the opportunity to be an initial member of a global non-profit organization, Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet. I serve in the role of advisor for indigenous rights. I felt that the cycle of this journey of trying to find the way to support my roots has finally connected. I can unify and share the message of the tribes by representing them and the Amazon through raising awareness on sustainable development and cultural understanding.

I believe that by supporting natives and empowering small producers is the way to conservation of the Amazon rainforest territory and that is my message as Artist and Activist.

Your favourite cosmic website? -A network to connect small producers and their stories to people.

Your star sign?


A pineapple fact?

Pineapple is a berry

A music fact?

Music alternates our brain and touches different emotions through notes.


Click here to listen to the mix. 




This post was written by Kim Booth


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