Book: ‘The Mission of Art’ by Alex Grey

An inspirational book about art’s power to bring about personal catharsis and spiritual awakening.

Back page explanation:

“The mission of art is an inspirational text for artists and for anyone who has ever glimpsed art’s spiritual power. Alex Grey traces the evolution of human consciousness through the history of art, seeking the threads of art’s abiding mission. He explores the roles of the artist’s intention and conscience and how we of the postmodern age can draw on the creative process as a spiritual path. Alex Grey’s paintings have been featured in venues as diverse as Newsweek, Beastie Boys album art, and the discovery channel.”

This book confirms many feelings I have been having in relation to creativity, using art as the example. The main thing I got from this, is that art, and the artist, support the evolution of human consciousness. How artists can be catalysts, relating themselves and society, and can transmute emotions in others. How art can be a spiritual practice and that the artist just needs to get their head out of the way and let spirit do its work.


He talks about his story, he talks about the history of art over the ages and about some of the greats – Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, etc. He talks about the ego, he talks about art and materialism and explores how an attitude of materialism shuts off a person’s intuition. He talks about visionary art and the sacred unconscious. I also like that the artist has to go through and explore the shadow self – the dark night of the soul – in order to know and express their truth for others.  One bit I liked also, is how every thought can be a prayer.

I love creativity in all of its forms and I think it is beautiful how creatives can express spirit and what is inside of them to somehow relate to others and  – possibly – lead to transformation.

A cute part is also the back pages, where his six-year-old daughter said she knew how to be a great artist.

Be yourself
Do your best
Never give up

You can buy the book here

 You can also check Alex Grey’s Ted Talk here:

Grey’s art is out there – he touches some parts most people are afraid to access (I know I was quite hesitant of his art at first!).

He has done psychedelics and some sirius soul searching. Check a few examples below.






This post was written by Kim Booth. Originally published May 2015.






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