Music: The Blue Lions ‘WAHEGURU’

The Blue Lions and Music Ashram Present “WAHEGURU”: A Sonic Odyssey Bridging Cultures and Traditions

In an unprecedented fusion of cultures, traditions, and sounds, the Berlin-based Music Ashram and the UK’s illustrious The Blue Lions unveil their first collaborative album, “WAHEGURU”. This remarkable project marks a new epoch in the realm of music, intertwining the sacred essence of Indian Kirtan with the vibrant, eclectic energy of Berlin’s art scene.

The seeds of this unique partnership were sown years ago, when Berlin’s celebrated artist and filmmaker, Ralf Schmerberg, embarked on a transformative journey to India. There, guided by Dr. Kamalroop Singh, a distinguished figure within the Nihang order—a lineage of mystic Sikh warriors—Schmerberg discovered the profound depth and beauty of the Nihang tradition. This expedition was not just a journey across lands but a voyage into the heart of devotion, culminating in a deep, respectful friendship between Schmerberg and Kamalroop Singh.

(Kamalroop Singh)

Over the years, this bond deepened, with Schmerberg’s Berlin Mahalla becoming a crucible for artistic and spiritual exchange. Inspired by his reverence for the Nihang tradition and his affection for Kamalroop Singh, Schmerberg envisioned a harmonious blend of Berlin’s avant-garde artistry with the devotional music of The Blue Lions. This vision came to life in 2023, as The Blue Lions journeyed from the UK to Berlin, their music resonating with the innovative sounds of the Music Ashram’s international artists. This collaboration birthed a new genre—perhaps best described as psychedelic raag kirtan—a mesmerizing mix of ambient, punk fusion, and Indian Bhajans.

“WAHEGURU”, the album, encapsulates this extraordinary journey from the past into the future, from the East to the West, into a realm of timeless existence. Available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, it invites listeners to traverse dimensions of time and space, offering an immersive experience of eternal now, of profound inner depth.

Featuring Taragarh Singh’s enchanting bansuri and tabla, Kamalroop Singh’s soul-stirring mantra and raag on the harmonium, and Shamir Singh Chadha’s healing vocals, “WAHEGURU” is an intricate tapestry of sound. The Music Ashram artists further enrich this sonic landscape with their playful experimentation, adding layers of complexity and infinite dimensions to the auditory experience.



(Kamalroop Singh and Shamir Singh Chadha)

This album is a collection of segments taken from a four hour improvised performance in the Mahalla, where the audience were taken through an inner soundscape of deeply emotional and meditative psychedelic music.

“WAHEGURU” is more than just an album; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of one’s being, to experience the vibrancy of life in its multifaceted glory. It is a testament to the power of friendship, music, and devotion to transcend boundaries and merge worlds. For lovers of music, life, and profound spiritual exploration, “WAHEGURU” is a journey not to be missed—a must-listen that promises to be a beautiful, marvelous expression of sound and devotion.

In this era of global cultural fusion, “WAHEGURU” stands as a beacon of hope and unity, a reminder that all is one and music connects us in the most profound ways imaginable.

The collaboration between The Blue Lions and Music Ashram is not just a milestone in musical innovation but a bridge between traditions, inviting all to revel in the beauty of shared human experience.


Song by song breakdown – 

Raag Desi is that which softens the heart of he who hears it. In the 18th century two vocalists were singing Raag Desi, between them was a rock in a bowl of a water. One vocalist sung the Raag with such clarity that it melted the rock, merging it with the water around it. 

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Han, these syllables are of the seven Chakras.

Hare, the most widely found Name of God across spiritual scripture, is a powerful mantra used prominently in Kundalini Yoga and Tantra

Waheguru mantra is the Name given to us by Guru Nanak meaning wonderful enlightener. From Waheguru, all other sounds emerge.

Raag Darbari Kanada, a Raag of great majesty popularly sung in the courts of the Gurus and Maharajas. It depicts a deep grief and longing. This Raag hypnotically captivates the mind of the listener, expanding them into a trance state. 

Brahm Kavach is a militant mantra of the Nihang Singh Fauj/Army. Kavach means protection, he who recites this mantas is protected by the Kirpan/Sword, and so this mantra is recited for battle. 

Jai Teghan is a mantra from Dassam Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture of the Goddess. This mantra reveres the Bagauti (goddess as the double-edged sword) as the protector of peace and meditation, destroyer of demons in mind and body.

Deep is an expression of Rāg by the Blue Lions and Music Ashram, interweaving cosmic soundscapes with the flute and some mantra.

Whispers of the Night is mainly an ambient, light, and peaceful exposition of Rāg lead by the bansuri.

Adi Bhavani Mata Chandi Ka, ode to the Divine Goddess from Sarbloh Granth Sahib in Sri Raag

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