Design and hold your space with Intention

We are always being reminded that “home is where the heart is” and so it should be.

Our homes and spaces are very important to our wellbeing and peace of mind and these spaces that we create and choose to live in, ultimately affect us on all levels.

From these spaces we share our food, make love, tell stories, play, create, address challenges, make choices for change, celebrate and share intimate moments with loved ones.

So really, the design of our space and what intentions we put into it benefit from being done consciously and with great love.

After completing my studies on Feng Shui Interior Design, I really started to feel the difference from when a space is in a harmonious flow through the balance of the elements: the balance of the yin and yang energies, colour, art and one of my favourites, bringing nature into the home.

edited amethyst

I have had a long connection with the mineral kingdom and I spent some years using crystals with my therapies, wearing crystals and placing them around the home.

Just like the plants, trees and flowers, crystals are alive, conscious and have many benefits for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states. The mineral kingdom has its own higher state of consciousness that connects us to mother earth’s stories of change and evolution and with hidden knowledge of other dimensions, worlds and frequencies that coincide within a limitless existence.  Whether or not you perceive the incredible frequencies that crystals emit, you cannot deny that the mineral kingdom is part of a beautiful divine creation that we humans are also a part of.

Every crystal has its own unique vibration and by adding certain crystals into parts of the home, it creates magic, harmony and connection.

Bringing nature’s gifts into the home will automatically, on a subconscious level, start to affect our moods and uplift our spaces.

I always encourage people to begin with their intentions.  So when designing your space ask yourself, what is my intention for this space?  Once you are clear on your intention, you have to make sure you are working with a cleared space.

Clutter of any sort, be it physical, mental or emotional,  generates and holds a chaotic space. I say, if you do not love it, then let it go.  If you hold onto things that you do not particularly like, or if it is linked to a negative memory, then perhaps it is time to let it go and make space for something new in your life.

Once you have cleared the space and you have a focussed intention with what type of ambience you want to create, then always go for colours, arts and objects that inspire you.


Crystals can be used throughout the home and different crystals emit different vibrations. So, for example, if you want to add a crystal into the bedroom, crystals such a Labradorite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz amongst many others, are beautiful to place in this space.  The bedroom is the room of sleep, rest, relaxation and intimacy.  Adding a piece of Amethyst can protect you from electromagnetic stress emitted from electronic equipment which can then allow you to get out of the mind and into a stress free space before sleep.


Rose Quartz is known as the heart crystal which vibrates divine, unconditional love to the heart space helping individuals to give, receive and connect to a sacred space from which to share with our partners and lovers.  If you want to attract a partner, then Rose Quartz placed with an intention into the bedroom, can start to uplift the vibration of your space, leaving it open to receiving the love that you want to connect to and share.

Nature always brings us back home, humbling us in such a way that we can start to learn its language and allow it to share its wisdom, harmony and love.  Always make love the answer and let that move you into higher realms of existence.


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 This post was written by Lydia Majoli

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