Thom Yorke DJd at the London Greenpeace march ahead of UN Climate Change Conference.

Thom Yorke is well cosmic.

Starting today, November 30th, the world’s leaders are meeting in Paris for COP21 to discuss vital climate change policies that will – hopefully – set in place cleaner and more sustainable energy systems around the world to limit carbon emissions.

Yesterday, around 50,000 people marched from Hyde Park to White Hall in London, as part of about 2,500 demonstrations taking place around the world. Thom Yorke, whose band Radiohead adopt green-friendly touring, DJd on a float alongside the London march. Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and actress Emma Thompson also showed support for the march.

This is something we all have to take notice of to ensure a happy planet to live on. Everyone can help in their own ways, starting with awareness of what is happening and individual and collective conscious action.

Renewable energy is available from our sun, the air, water and geothermal; it is time to respect and use it.

The UN climate summit takes place in Paris between 30th November and 12th December:

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