The Magic of Tapping

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – also known as Tapping – is a tool that incorporates the knowledge and ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, tapping into the flow of Qi energy through the meridian lines within our body.  Similar to acupuncture – but without the needles – EFT works with this Qi energy flow to release stored emotions and blocked energy through gentle tapping on the meridian points on the face and body.  

By tapping on these meridian points calming signals are sent to the amygdala,  the part of the brain responsible for processing stressful events and deciding on our fear responses, fight, flight or freeze.  So as the points are tapped the pressure and emotional intensity releases, meaning you can experience relief, emotional freedom and the capacity for a new way of thinking.


Where do these responses come from?

Our stress responses are built on our stored emotions, which we’ve held onto from experiences and traumas that we’ve experienced in our life.  These experiences then create belief systems about who we are, what we deserve in life and how we can show up in the world.  Then, as we are faced with life events that challenge or confirm these beliefs, we will find ourselves triggered into emotional reactions and emotional behaviours to manage them.


As a result of an experience we might then start having anxious thoughts, panic and worry or may suddenly feel un-secure of fearful.  This could trigger us into having an angry response – maybe screaming or shouting – or into a behaviour to help us manage this state and find some relief and escape, such as drinking alcohol.


Of course we are entitled to feel, that’s human and we are entitled to take pleasure in these times that bring a moment of pause, that’s why we have been gifted with all our wonderful senses. The issue is when they become all consuming, meaning you are unable to control your anger and you find yourself overwhelmed with rage at the tiniest thing, or when a glass of wine becomes a bottle, chosen again over your other agreed plans and drank in 15 minutes flat.


So how can EFT help?

EFT really is the ultimate tool for not only understanding and releasing emotional intensity, but also for actually rewiring our brains to create new affirming belief systems and therefore a brand new way for us to respond to life.


EFT allows us to go deeper into the root of an issue, tracing it back to memories, experiences and traumas so we can understand where and when a belief system was built.  As we tap it’s like peeling away at the layers of an onion – gradually and safely – to lead us to the core of where that belief was formed.  


Once we know where it has come from and when it was programmed in, we are able to work to release the link and the energetic charge to that past experience, which then allows you to live completely differently in the now.


What is real emotional freedom?

The key thing I always like to remind my clients is that EFT doesn’t just free you from a heavy emotion, it frees you to feel it.  It gives you permission to give in, to let go and to surrender to this emotion that may have been stored within you, bubbling away waiting to be seen or heard.  

It allows you to recognise that although now as an adult you may be able to understand it in a new way, as a child or as a person ‘back then’ with a different experience of life it was a hurtful, scary or upsetting experience.  

The reason we have these intense reactions is because it’s actually the wounded part of you from the past that experiences it.  It’s their pain that informs your response and in doing so, is showing you what needs to be healed.

Within a tapping experience you really feel safe to finally go back there, to not only release the logical mind that has been saying ‘You’re an adult now get over it’ but also to address any trauma that may have been too painful to look at until now.  By doing this you can finally allow that child, or that person you were in that time and place to be seen, heard and freed.  

And from this real change can come.  There is nothing in the world like connecting back with that part of you again, welcoming it back to be within your heart to truly feel a sense of wholeness, and create lasting change at the core of who you are.



Sounds pretty magical…

It is!  However, EFT’s potential for creating transformational change doesn’t end there.  It’s also an incredible technique for empowered intention and manifestation in a range of ‘life subject’ areas such as health, wealth, abundance and creativity to name a few.  In these experiences it’s like a vision board brought to life as we journey to your future, programming it with the tools you need to expand it beyond anything you can dream of now.

Hayley is a Re:Code therapist working with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and PSYCH-K®   and a Sattva Yoga Teacher.  She has been working with clients 1-1, hosting workshops and in retreat settings for over a decade.  She is based in Ibiza but works virtually with clients 1-1 and leading yoga classes.  If you are interested in knowing more about how a session with her could help you, she offers a free no obligation call where you can ask any questions you may have.  Find out more here: 


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