The five levels of human consciousness

Ignorant or cosmic? A great check in list to see where you’re at.

This is a simple, great and succinct list, given in a lecture by Abuela Ameyalis Gabriela Echandi at the Moon Dance in Costa Rica.

I can move between all levels, except level five. Maybe I can reach this level when I am 108 and live in a tree :)

Enjoy the work and remember, love is all!


Level One: Ignorance

Or human asleep. Here the person is focused more on themselves and show more interest in the material things, and doubt everything. They act against how expected, or act as expected. They believe everything is because of luck or fate. The key word is ignorance.


Level Two: Passion

Or human being awake. Here the person becomes the observer of own life and is searching for a spiritual path, from one path to another. One characteristic is the person is not constant, because the surroundings; work, family, environment, etc, are elements that surround them and these activities absorb them. The key word is passion and the person is more connected, but not constant and easily influenced by emotions.


Level Three: Kindness 

Here the mind works and functions as a mirror. I am not only looking and observing life, I become the person that is contemplating their own reality and witnesses others as a mirror. Circumstances in life are images that are reflected in the mirror. The person here has achieved a way to quiet the mind. The person is not falling into surroundings and happenings that is perceived through senses and emotions. The person is now focused on unity and there is no separation to what is happening to me and what is surrounding me. In this stage we break dogmas and rules. The consciousness is about unity and spiritual teachings are part of the path of this person. The key word is kindness and the person is giving and ethical.


Level Four: Cosmic Consciousness 

Here the person has an experience beyond the perception. The person becomes one with everything. There is no difference in the different steps of existence – rock, leaf, crystal, bird, myself, etc. What is living inside the person is the wish and feeling to help others. The thoughts that we are all together will create  a new humanity. If we don’t do it together, we cannot achieve. At this level there is cosmic consciousness and cosmic wisdom.



Level Five: Illumination / enlightenment  

This is the ultimate end of the spiritual path. It is where only a few great masters of humanity have achieved. In this stage the character is that everything is one and one is everything. Key word is enlightenment.


Thank you to Abuela Ameyalis Gabriela Echandi and her husband for the beautiful lecture. Ometeotl!


This post was written by Kim Booth


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