Symbolism focus: The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a symbol of sacred geometry and is said to be the creation pattern of everything in existence.

If you look into the third eye of the Cosmic Pineapple logo, in the centre of the circle (which represents the full moon), you will see the flower of life symbol.

I am a great believer in symbolism and the sacred meaning behind why a particular symbol was created. Certain symbols have power and contain vibrations that are related to the original thought that created them. I see a lot of ancient symbolism in modern fashion, music and art, and I often wonder if people really understand the meaning behind why this particular symbol was created.

I think it is important to learn about symbolism; to find the symbols that work for you and to know and feel the essence of why they were created, which you can then work with for your purpose. These symbols were created by ancients who ‘knew stuff’, things that many of us are only just waking up to. I feel like they were created to help us open up to what is going on out there, beyond the physical that is presented to us; to help us get more cosmic!

- Flower of Life – artist manifestation – Cyd


“- the Flower of Life (a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles).

The Flower of Life is an ancient religious symbol of the sacred geometry (like “The Tree of Life” symbol in the Cabala), containing the encoded creation pattern for the fundamental forms of space and time – a graphical expression of the connections between all sentient beings, and with the life force itself. Pertaining to the Flower of Life symbol are the symbols of the Vesica Piscis and the Borromean rings – ancient religious symbols and concepts as well, kept in secret by many religious orders in all the great civilizations around the globe.

As a symbol of Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life pattern is comprehensible only through intuitive approach, though it is a very pure and mathematically simple concept of harmony and symmetry.”

- Taken from

I bought the book ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life‘ by Drunvelo Melchizedek quite a few years ago, it took me ages to read as it requires full attention and focus to take it all in (something which I am trying to master!). I finally managed to finish it whilst in Sedona, although I have yet managed to draw it! Things are supposed to really switch up when you can draw it.


Check this video from Spirit Science, for more of an explanation on the Flower of Life:


I watched ‘Bunraku’ recently (great film!), and it said about how life is just a circle and you go round and round. This can be if you don’t change things. What I love about the Flower of Life is that you can see that circles overlap eachother within the great circle and how they all  intertwine and connect. It makes me personally feel like you have the power to change to another circle and go with another energy flow. It is your choice. I feel like the generation coming through now are the ones who will jump into another flow, we are waking up to something new, exciting and powerful.

This post was written by Kim Booth


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  1. Carina

    I saw a beautiful explanation of the flower of life. Each point is one of us, and when you only focus on one (yourself) you’re unable to see the others, It’s only when you take your focus off the one the others come into view x

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