Spring Equinox: Astrological New Year – emerging new beginnings

Moving with the cycles of the cosmos, Spring Equinox symbolises fertility, birth, new beginnings, growth and renewal. 

March 20th, in the Northern Hemisphere, welcomes in Spring Equinox, a time of renewal, of shedding the past and welcoming new beginnings.

As the Sun rises on March 20th, it marks the birthing of the astrological new year, moving from the 12th sign of the zodiac (Pisces) to the first sign of the zodiac (Aries) – a new cycle begins – new energy; fire and inspiration to birth the new.

“In ancient times, the Equinox was also believed to be a point where the veil between this world and the higher realms was thin. It was at this point in the year where we could hear the wisdom of our ancestors, nature spirits, and our spirit guides. The energies of the Equinox were said to be a magical time, where harmony fell on the planet and where we could embody an equal balance of dark and light.” – online source 


These past weeks especially you may have felt and experienced some deep healing – old patterns and identities rising to be seen, felt, witnessed and healed. Everything is energy – do you continue the same patterns, or choose a higher vibration?

Equinox – coming into balance – honouring our shadow and our divine light. 

Future Vision. Now is the time, with the fire of inspiration and the warrior energy of Aries, to begin the new. What seeds do you wish to plant. What seeds to you wish to grow. Set your intentions, be strong, focused, write down who you are, what you want to be, what you want to do – keep it somewhere where you can see it and come back to it.


A shift in perspective. Shedding skins. What is holding you back? The past, your history, conditioning, beliefs, old identities, the known, the familiar?

Meditate daily, so you stay in your conscious mind and heart, notice straight away when unconscious / old patterns come in, and consciously choose which path to take. When old patterns rise: Observe. Detach. Let go. Move the energy. Breathe and begin again. Turn your wounds into wisdom.

If things have not been flowing in some area, now is the time to refocus your energies and set your intention for what you wish to be.


You create your reality.

Spring clean – clean your body, clean your mind, clean your home, clean your relationships, clean your life… Purify. This is a time when we naturally press reset and let go of the old and bring in the new. Enjoy yourself. Respect yourself.  Love yourself. Honour yourself and your journeys to this space and time. Celebrate yourself ! Celebrate life !


Spring Equinox – Emergence of new forms.


Mother Earth is abundant at this time. Spring is when we plant seeds of intention not only metaphorically, but also physically. Food to nourish our bodies. Flowers are beginning to blossom, the Earth is waking up in all her beauty under the light of the Sun. Spring rains come to bless and nourish the Earth, washing away what was and giving life to what wishes to be birthed.


We celebrate the Earth and the Sun – give thanks for what was. We give thanks for what is and we pray for what we wish to grow.

Ostara is the Goddess of Spring. This is a beautiful time to be in nature and marvel at the wonders around you and beneath you. Create an Earth altar with the abundance and blessings of nature to symbolise what you are letting go of and what you wish you grow.


On this day it is important to connect with yourself, nature and the sky above. Be still and receive the wisdom and guidance of the cosmos.

Spring Equinox blessings. May the seeds we plant be of gratitude, love, trust, abundance, balance, fertility, acceptance, surrender and compassion. May we believe in what we know inside. May we trust in a higher power to guide us. May we heal. May we shine. May we rise into a new vibration.

Mamma Earth is waking up and may we journey with her.

 This post was written by Kim Booth


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