How to Do Business With a Heart and Fall In Love With Selling

Empowering truth: My message is someone else’s medicine – by Linnea Seger

Corona has made us realize that we’re all one. Which is also what the Aquarian Age that we entered in 2012 is all about. 

Never before have so many people experienced the same thing at the same time. We all face the same fears: fear of death, of losing money, of the unknown. The world is going through a massive awakening and as soulful entrepreneurs, our services are needed more than ever! 

Yet many of us – especially women – hold back. Hold ourselves down. Hold on to the romanticised image of the starving artist. 

Why? Because we feel bad about selling. We don’t feel ready. We even tell ourselves that money isn’t that important. 

While in truth, the only way for money not to be important is to make enough of it. We live in a world where money is the accepted means of exchange, so we better make peace with it to be able to spread peace on Earth!

Start by swapping these five common phrases that are serving neither you nor mama Earth for their conscious counterparts. Then step into your power. The world needs you to! 


“I love what I do but I hate selling” 

You probably didn’t do your yoga teacher training or become a massage therapist because you imagined tons of money rolling in. You did it because you felt called to. Because ecstatic dance or energy healing or hypnosis transformed your life, and you wanted nothing but for others to experience the same. Just pause for a moment and feel how beautiful that is! Yet when it comes to selling our divine services, many of us open hearted souls feel icky. Shudder. Conveniently change the topic. So deeply rooted is the image that selling is something bad. That if you were truly a good person, you would offer your services for free. I love karma yoga, but to have enough energy for that, you need to get abundantly paid from your other services. And just like that, selling turned into charity! 

Empowering truth: I love what I do – therefore I love selling! 


“I don’t need to make good money to help others” 

There’s an old myth that a good person should help others before caring about their own needs. That providing for yourself is selfish. While the opposite is true: in the words of countless air hostesses, you have to put on your own oxygen mask first. If you’re always struggling to make those infamous ends meet… your problems are too small. You will use your precious energy to worry about paying rent on time instead of paving paths in this new era. And the world needs us to focus on bigger problems! Such as global warming. 

Empowering truth: When I make good money, I can afford to make a great difference! 



“I don’t feel ready” 

A common trap is to get ready to get ready. To wait until that one day when you’ll wake up and magically feel ready to share your divine offerings with the world. Spoiler alert: that day ain’t gonna come. You have to decide for it to! I know this too well and have learned to catch myself when my ego says that scrolling my Facebook feed for the 11th time in 10 minutes is gonna save the world. If you procrastinate, focus on those who need you – that’s a good way of moving from pursuing perfection to unapologetic action.

Empowering truth: My message is someone else’s medicine




“There are too many people out there” 

This is another way in which our subconscious fears can disguise as wise advisers. More and more people are launching their dream businesses, yes – but the giant awakening we’re in makes more and more people asking for our services. And no matter how many yoga teachers there are out there, you’ll always have your own unique twist meaning some people will learn better from you than from anyone else. Think about Italian restaurants – even though there might be many in your town, people have their personal favorite that makes the pasta al dente on fleek. You are that perfect al dente to someone!

Empowering truth: There’s always enough space for me 


“I’m not expert enough” 

Define expert! Society has taught us that in order to be an expert, you need fancy degrees and years of experience. In many areas, this no longer holds true. Simply being a few steps ahead of someone is enough to be of service. After all – you learn to master your craft by doing, not by dreaming! 

Empowering truth: I am enough


Conscious business means playing by different rules. As we wake up, companies are moving on a sliding scale from conventional to conscious, from competition to collaboration, from ego to eco. But caring about people and the planet still involves caring about yourself. Which you do by falling in love with selling, becoming BFF with money and owning that you are enough. Now.


Virus spread exponentially but so does love. So go out there and spread your magic! You helping one person will, in turn, lead to hundreds and thousands of people having a little better day and life. 


Because we’re all one.


Words by Linnea Seger

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