Full moon penumbral lunar eclipse – January 10

Wild card heart transformation – release the old so the new can enter

On January 10, we receive the energies of the first full moon of 2020, which will also be a lunar eclipse, falling in the astrological sign of Cancer.

Eclipses open higher dimension portals of accelerated energy, which can help us shift up a level and release what no longer serves. Releasing the old so that the new can enter.

In Native American tradition, the January full moon is called the Wolf Moon, as this was the time of the year wolves could be heard outside the villages, looking for food and communicating during breeding season.

In shamanic culture, the wolf is the symbol of  instinct, trust, freedom, loyalty, ritual and spirit, and is a great protector guardian to call upon in this transit.

We are entering a huge energy portal, with lots of cosmic energy happening above and below and a time of awakening to the truth of our reality. This full moon is a call to connect with our hearts and the truth that we already know, and to release all that does not serve for our soul’s evolution.

Saturn (the teacher), Pluto (our darkness and transformation), and Mercury (the mind / communicator) are also very active around this eclipse and Uranus (the rebellious one – expect the unexpected) will station and go direct the day after the eclipse.

The full moon is in Cancer (the moon’s ruler), a sign relating to feeling, our emotions, family and lessons in setting boundaries.

It may stir up family dynamics or issues within the home. We may feel a need to speak our truth or we may find that a truth is illuminated for us, which changes our path and life direction.

The full moon will be guiding us to express ourselves, open our hearts, get in touch with our emotions, and work on feeling at home within ourselves.

This eclipse holds strong energy for the heart.  Try to engage in activities that help open and heal the heart. Act and feel from the truth of the heart.

Dreams may also have played a strong role in the weeks leading to this full moon, with messages and connections landing from the unseen realms. A wisdom keeper told me recently that our ancestors are helping us elevate our spirits in our dreams and clear and heal any emotional debris in our psyche. Pay attention to dreams and allow them to pass through – make sure you discern what is real and relevant and listen to the messages.

The January 10th Lunar Eclipse will guide all of us in some way to release and let go of things that are no longer serving our highest purpose, so that we can accelerate forward on our soul’s path.

Tips for this full moon: Rest, meditate, spend time in contemplation, spend time in nature, listen to music. set your house in order (which can also be your physical body) – make your ‘home’ your altar and invite only the highest and most nourishing energies into your home. Observe. Witness. if you feel extra sensitive and anxious, breathe deeply into your belly; counting slowly to seven on the inhale, holding three, counting to seven on the exhale, holding three and repeat. Connect to your heart.  Create. Eat and drink healthily and mindfully (no alcohol or drugs – anything that takes you from your centre and truth). Be still and allow for visions to come through.

On Friday the 10 January, at 7pm, I will hold a cacao ceremony in the heart of Ibiza. The ceremony will take place over the time of the eclipse, so we can truly feel and allow the magic to come through. Cacao is a great heart opener and together we will sit in ceremony and release what no longer serves, whilst calling in divine guidance for a clear path to follow. We will work with mantra, breath, movement and prayer, a crystal singing bowl meditation and abuelito fuego, to help us release and transform what no longer serves, for the highest benefit for all.

Email cosmic@cosmicpineapple.co.uk to find out more.


Let this full moon illuminate the truth, release the old and elevate us to the next phase. Connect to your intuition, embrace your sensitivity, speak your truth and open to the magic of possibilities. Trust all is well and meant to be. 

Penumbral eclipse meaning 

Image by Francesca Love Artist (based in Ibiza)



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