Deity focus: Isis

The Egyptian goddess, Isis, unfolds her wings of protection and magic over all who seek it.

A deity is classed a ‘supernatural’ being who may be thought of as holy, godly, or sacred. A deity interacts with humans to change perceptions and carry them to new levels of consciousness. A male deity would be a God, and a female deity, a Goddess. You can work with the energy of a deity to help you manifest and work with your purpose.

Isis was a moon Goddess and known as the giver of life and Goddess of Magic.


- Art manifestation – Gilbert Williams

Linked with the great star Sirius (the brightest star in our sky, which is actually made up of two stars – Sirius A and Sirius B), she possessed both the powers of life and of death. Isis was worshiped as the Goddess of medicine and wisdom, she worked amongst her people, teaching them the skills of reading and agriculture.

Isis was the wife of Osiris (who was also her brother) and the mother of Horus (who later became the Sun God). Her understanding of the power of magical words bought her husband back from the dead, after he was killed by their brother Set. Osiris then fathered their child, Horus, but Set found out and destroyed Osiris once again. Isis used her magic to give Osiris immortality and she ran away to bring her child up in secret.

In this image Isis holds the sacred ankh, symbol of eternal life. On the moon below is Horus’ all-seeing eye.

Call on Isis for magic, healing, fertility, protection and nurturing (especially for mothers and children).


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