Spiritual teacher focus: Astarius Miraculii

Astarius Miraculii is a dedicated spiritual teacher who has been serving and empowering the community for more than 40 years. He is a sound healer, astrologer, author, poet, reiki master teacher, ascension ambassador and Rider of the BlissWave. His approach to sound healing is with the Didgeridoo, Vocal Harmonics, Invocations and Chanting.

I love the invocation below! To help you along with the ascension process…

Check¬†Astarius Miraculi’s website here: http://www.astarius.com/

“This is a time of Planetary Ascension. The Earth is shifting to a higher vibration and frequency. Everyone and Everything is vibrating faster and with more Light. All is expanding. Thoughts and behavior which limit and bind us to fear are being infused with Light and Love.”

Check his invocation / dream awake ascension mantra below:

And for more videos:





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