Full ‘super’ moon in Scorpio – April 26th / 27th

This full moon rises in the intuitive, sensitive and deeply healing water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a mysterious and intense sign, which signifies death, transformation and rebirth.

Full moons represent completion, culmination and ‘illuminate’ what we need to see. 

A ‘super moon’ means the moon’s orbit is closer to earth, so it appears slightly bigger than usual. This full moon – known as the Pink Moon – will shine a spotlight on our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities, helping us to face the truth and own our power. Expect rising emotions, heightened senses, deeper states of awareness and understanding, higher inspiration and a rise in intuition. Watch your thoughts, notice where they originate from and which paths they take you down.


Take back your power.

This full moon shines light into the dark spaces. It is inviting us to overcome fears and embrace our strength and personal power. Embrace the truth. Be honest and dive in to the uncomfortable and unknown. Let go of old versions of you that don’t support your evolution. Clear the mind, emotions and energetic body. Meditate, be in nature, journal your thoughts.

Some questions:

What cycles have completed and can you honour and let go with compassion?

What and where do you need to heal?

What and where do you need to let go?


This moon asks for deep connection. What are your desires? How are you limiting yourself? Focus on your passion and what makes you feel alive. Work on your goals.  

Open up your vision. See beyond illusion. Be authentic to your inner being and your soul. Wake up to your true essence. 


Scorpio energy is ruled by Pluto, and a day after this full moon, Pluto enters the underworld for its annual retrograde. Shadow aspects rise to the surface to be seen, felt and healed. Deep inner transformation. 

This too shall pass. When things get too intense and we can’t control our outer world, or when we fear the unknown, one of the best things we can do is surrender and let go. In surrender we allow the universal flow to happen as it should, leading us to a deeper understanding inside and out. After the darkness there is always light, and often when we consciously go through a shadow moment, we raise our vibration higher on the other side.  

The Sun has just moved into Taurus, a grounded fixed earth energy, hardworking and soulful. Now is the time to build, sustain and bring your resources together to do your work. 

There is also a lot of Uranus energy leading up to the full moon, this wild child erratic energy can mean sudden change and can bring in new perspectives and ways of doing things. 

A time of illumination and awakening. 

Psychic cleaning, intuitive signs of what is coming in – and this can be in the non 3D reality – visions, spiritual growth. Believe in yourself and your power and gifts ready to emerge. Protect your energy. Boundaries. Seek inner peace. Expansion. New realities. New vibrations.

This is an empowering and rebellious time – create your own destiny and be your own leader. 


This post was written by Kim Booth

Cover image art by @animalina.art 

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