Recipe: Natural raw chocolates

Delicious natural raw chocolates are much quicker and easier to make than you think – and – they are good for you. 

I am a great advocate of raw chocolate. Cacao is known as the food of the Gods in Mayan culture and in its pure form is a great heart opener and connecter. I wrote a piece about cacao here after immersing myself in its magic in Guatemala. Raw chocolates take only about 20 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to set in the fridge. The best part is you know exactly what’s in them (including what energy you put inside when preparing – is your heart open and full or are you moody or angry?) and when you eat your own raw chocolates you no longer have the taste buds for mass-produced shop chocolates, which somehow taste plastic after you have sampled these raw delights. Also, the wonder is, is that each batch is an experiment. I give rough ingredient amounts below, I am quite experimental and each batch turns out differently, never to be repeated again.



For eight raw chocolates:


One cup of cacao

One cup of cacao butter

One table spoon of coconut oil

One table spoon of coconut cream

Two/ three table spoons of honey or agave

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Drop of vanilla essence

* Coconut cream is not necessary, but it is good! You can also make without coconut oil, but with creates a smooth consistency.

**You can also be adventurous in your additions and add in nuts, ginger, fruit, chilli…

** You also need a chocolate mould to make these. I have a beautiful pineapple shaped one!



If you feel like it, put on some nice music to get you in the flow

Double boil a china bowl or pan over a pan of simmering water

Add the cacao butter and stir gently until it has melted

Add raw cacao (chocolate) and stir gently until it has all melted together

Take the top bowl out (with a tea towel so you don’t burn your hands) and begin adding your ingredients. I like to start with the coconut oil and then add what feels right. Keep stirring all the time so it retains a smooth consistency. Add to taste is a rule here. Start small and go bigger if you feel it needs it. Creative intuition is beautiful for this process!

Spoon out on the contents into the moulds. Keep stirring as you divide. I find it easier to add in things like nuts, berries or ginger individually into the moulds at the end.

Put in the fridge for about 30 minutes


Please consume responsibly – too much cacao can give you a headache or make your tummy a little upset.

This post was written by Kim Booth 

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