Hoop dancing

Playfully explore your circle vortex with hooping 

”With the Hoop as the tool and portal, to connect with your rhythm and to play with expression.

We dance through the basic movements of Hula Hoop dance.

The 4 elements and dimensions; horizontal, vertical, interior, exterior.

How to spin the hoop around your hip, arm, inside body and outside.

We put everything together to a simple and fun choreography so you alreday within one hour have a Hoop flow to play and explore with.

The hoop is a beautiful way and opportunity to get in touch with the circle of life.


“Flower of life” is a structure with 16 circles that holds ALL matters in this, 3-dimensional reality that we live in.

LIFE HAS A MOVEMENT, it’s a spiralling movement our galaxy is traveling forward through the universe. The spiral we also find everywhere in nature.

As the season spins around the year, the plants glowing up in a spiral towards the sun the same as the Hula Hoops are spinning around our body.

IT’S A SACRED GEOMETRY PATTERN, a reflection of natures perfection.

That’s why it is so satisfying to watch someone do hula hoop and also to experience the Hoop spinning around your body.
It is an active meditation for the mind, gentle workout for the body and with its spiralling movement it simply heals our energy systems.

Every time you successfully do a hoop trick it releases a natural, joyous ecstasy and motivation that makes you just want to continue.

Bring comfortable clothes, water, open heart and mind.

Flow and dance forward “
Mitra Hoop
- Ibiza Hoop tribe -

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