Gong Master

An interview with  Gong Master AKA Kosma Solarius, a sound healer based in Ibiza.

Gong Master is a regular at the Cosmic Pineapple events in Ibiza, holding gong journeys on the highest point of Pikes and in the Cosmic Activation Dome. He holds weekly Gong meditations on the island and often in secret locations, as well as private sound meditations. We asked him some questions below.



How did your journey into music begin?

I grew up with music, got my first instrument when I was seven (a harmonica) and was introduced in how to DJ by my father when I was nine. By the age of 16 I bought myself the first drum-machine and started to explore the world of electronic music production. I first experienced the gongs in 2001, fell in love with them and there my journey began.  Since then I’ve lived and played in Koh Phangan for eight years and then Moscow, performing at the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream and with the organ at the St. Peter & Paul cathedral. Now I perform all over the island of Ibiza and enjoy collaborating with other artists, producing music and creating.


Tell us a little about the gongs that you play with.

I am very proud of having four of the first ever made planet gongs. They are close to 40 years old now and they are like the Stradivarius violins of the planet gong family. The name planet gong has a deeper meaning. The gongs are tuned to the orbital frequencies of planets. In other words, the time a planet needs to travel around the sun is translated into a sound frequency at the audible range of human hearing.  These gongs are the first instruments ever to be tuned to natural frequencies and this natural frequencies bring our body cells into resonance and this helps the cell membranes to remember their original vibration.


What are some of the benefits people can experience from the gong?

Gong meditations with symphonic planet gongs are the most modern form of sound therapy.  The benefits are holistic and can be on a physical, mental and spiritual level and it’s good for anyone without exception.  All that people have to do is to get comfortable and focus on their breath, the rest is done by the gongs. It is pain releasing, invites visions, supports with releasing emotional traumas and often people find that answers to questions will appear.  I see the work of the gongs as balancing and equalizing. If someone is nervous, it calms them down and if one is anxious, it will relax them. We could say, gong meditations balance you back into your center on a holistic level.


Check below for his short movie Vrittland 

Vrittland is a video that emphasizes the fluctuations of thought that disturb our inner peace. A storm of thunder and lightning of thoughts that are grafted into the depths of our mind and do not allow us to expand our silence. Thanks to the universal language of the vibrations generated by the gongs, we can calm and pacify our mind. As after the storm, the serene returns and everything is in a balance between light and us. The title is composed by Vritti which is a Sanskrit word which means waves of thought and Land, to mean together “terrain of the waves of thought”, where thoughts are grafted like a seed, to sprout and without control infest our mind in a tangle of desires, opinions, truths, judgments, words that often do not allow the intuitions of life to emerge and guide us in the best direction. Konstantin offers us this artistic performance to transmute the inspirational energy into sound vibration.

The desire is that the sound can propagate and expand far away to be perceived and absorbed by everyone in order to generate a shockwave that can vibrate with the same frequency of our ego and together accompany in a more clear and serene way. An experience to generate the desire to deepen the search for life that transcends transformation.

You can find out more at through his website and social media.




Words by Hayley Morgan

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