A Cosmic overview of the summer 2019

This summer has been a wonderful adventure into the cosmic and creative, for which I am very grateful! 

I am sharing a few highlights in pictures from across the six Ibiza events at Pikes and also the Cosmic Corners at festivals; including Waking Life in Portugal, Junction2 in London and I finished the summer season with two magical crystal singing bowl sound journeys at Amsterdam Dance Event, as part of their new Zen Space.


Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes is a magical wonderland of joy and expansion. Over 12 hours, you never know quite what will happen – from teachings, to celebration, to art, to dance, to healing, to the weird and wonderful weaving in and out of your experience, as teachers, seekers, music makers, creatives and more come together in this special space…

Teachings and cosmic sharing

The Cosmic Activation Dome really came into its own this summer, with inclusive teachings and talks from the Dogon tribe from Africa, the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil and teachings from the Moon Dance Mexica tradition, sharing ancient wisdom we can expand into the present, plus cacao ceremonies, womb healing, breath work, a talk on the healing properties of cannabis, yoga – with a different style each event, tantra, singing, crystal healing, a herb bundle workshop, a dream workshop, dance class, Qi gong workshop, sound journeys and so much more!

The Cosmic Bazaar and Healing Garden 

Stalls from across Ibiza selling natural products, crystals, clothes and offering creative expression… A healing garden to get your spirit and soul aligned with massage, energy work, card readings and more.



Cosmic extras 

You could find Lex Empress around the back terrace, perched on a bed ready to sing your soul’s song, BabyJane doing cosmic things, Gong Master on the highest point of Pikes giving a midnight gong, Gang of Witches getting political with song in the Cosmic Cave, we had a spiritual rapper, fire dancer, LED robots strolling around…


Space Rave 

DJs this year included AFRODEUTSCHE, Alex Wolfenden, Ben Westbeech, Cassy, Ceri, Cici, Heartthrob, Hiroko Yamamura, Ida Engberg, Jackmaster, Josh Wink, Kate Simko, Luke Howard (HMD), Sultan Shakes and more.

This year our charitable causes were for Ibiza Preservation Foundation – supporting work to keep Ibiza healthy, Amazon Watch and the Huni Kuin Tribe – supporting the Amazon and the tribes within. Our efforts TOGETHER have raised over 25,000 euros for charitable causes since we started these events, four years ago, and it feels really good that we can have fun whilst doing good things!

Cosmic Corners 

We shared the magic at some excellent festivals this summer. Starting at Junction 2 in London, where we gave crystal singing bowl meditations, massage, cosmic card readings and more to ravers who found us in the forest. We also set up our rainbow tepee at Cross the Tracks, offering yoga, art, sound healing, massage and more to adults and children attending… Elrow in Ibiza, where we offered massages, reiki and cosmic readings and held a special midnight new moon cacao ceremony, deep in the cave at Cova Santa. Eastern Electrics was fun and full of energy and we held a cosmic space at Waking Life in Portugal, offering six hours of crystal singing bowls, songs, a full moon cacao ceremony, massage and mystical magic, every day of the festival. Each festival is unique and special and we learnt that everyone LOVES a bit of cosmic magic and a little chill out from the madness in the world outside! And as with the cosmic ethos, maybe they took a bit of this magic home with them.

One of the summer highlights was finishing the summer at Amsterdam Dance Event, where I gave a crystal singing bowl journey as part of the ADE Zen Space over two days of the festival. It was held in a church and was so very special! There is nothing like this feeling – music is magic – and I’m so grateful to end the summer like this!  <3

This winter will be spent planning, learning, creating, growing and working on a few projects close to my heart. I am also offering private retreats in Ibiza (between 1-4 people – please get in touch if you would like to find out more) before I go on my annual cosmic mission and switch off mode.

Photos by Phrank and Aluapa Waymore and some friends :) 

Children of the stars – for we are all made of stardust – rise in your magic and step into the new. 

With love, gratitude and magic! Kim xxx


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