Watch: Wild Wild Country

A documentary about Osho´s grandscale commune ‘experiment’ in Oregon, USA. 

“The awakened man will be the new man.” – Osho 

I just finished the Osho documentary  Wild Wild Country and wow! It opened with the above quote somewhere within the first episode and I was hooked. Osho is an infamous name as a spiritual leader. I don’t know too much of him personally, but I know some of his teachings through the Osho Zen cards (which are great).

The documentary is mainly about his commune ‘experiment’ in Oregon, which went pretty tits up in many ways. From Osho‘s strong looks, many Rolls Royces and the impressive work that they did, and what they manifested, to his power hungry secretary Ma Anand Sheela causing havoc in Oregon and loads of legal and political things… It is just fascinating and a deep look into human behaviours – and closed minds, open minds, powerful minds, etc – on so many levels! It felt like a movie about what happened, but was a documentary. Even the fact that this is released is cosmic.

Check the youtube trailer here: