Taurus astrological insights: 19 April – 20 May

Zoe Hind gives insights for the coming astrological month. 

About Taurus

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Taurus from 19 April – 20 May.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. The symbol for which is the Bull (and Cow).


Taurus is the Spring Earth sign and as such is nourishing, blossoming with new life, nature loving and beautiful.

This is a great time to reconnect with the energies of this planet and recharge our batteries with a dose of pure green vibrational goodness.

The slow moving nature of Taurus knows how to enjoy life now. Presence.


About Taurus:


So how to work with this energy?

Every year as the Sun passes through Taurus we are all immersed in this specific frequency and able harness the energy.

We all have Taurus in our chart somewhere and the position (or house/s) that it occupies shows us where we can best apply the beneficial aspects and tackle the challenges that it brings.

Physically – Taureans have a great connection to nature. They also love their food. The key to working with the energies this month are to make sure that we get out and enjoy the spring countryside, get plenty of exercise and maintain a balanced diet.

Emotionally – Heartfelt and loving, sometimes our emotions can be overwhelming. There is a need to remain flexible and to love ourselves first before looking for security in the love we want to receive from others.

Mentally – This is a great time to practice being present. Slow down the pace. Do less and do it more deeply.

Soulfully – The real nourishment that Taurus represents is our divine connection to Source. All the physical and material and emotional concerns of this sign are merely substitutes for spiritual love.




Moon dates:


22 April – Full Moon Scorpio

6 May – New Moon in Taurus

More in this here: http://astrozo.com/In-the-stars-this-month(2594989).htm



To tune in further, here are the herbs and crystals that I feel aligned to Sun and Moon this month…

The axis of Life and Death, Sensuality and Sexuality resounds across the Zodiac from Taurus to Scorpio



Taurus – Patchouli – Sensuality & Abundance

Scorpio – Myrrh – Alchemical Healing



Taurus – Malachite – Earthing

Scorpio – Hematite – Magnetic



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Goddess Gathering – May 9

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