Tarot wisdom from Elaine Collins

 Full Moon in Virgo (Thursday / Friday) inspirational guidance: The High Priestess

She has before her a table or stone which holds wisdom and the collective experience of the beginnings of life. The scroll or Torah is a document of rememberence and memory of  our soul experiences and deeds from this and many lifetimes.

Centuries ago many would come to consult the famous Oracle at Delphi. As you entered the temple complex there was a sign above the entrance with the instruction  “Know thyself”.  This is the quest, (some say the real grail quest), for each and everone of us.  So many of us feel lost and confused and have forgotten that we ARE the eternal light of love and creation and no separation exists between us and all that is.


As this full moon rises on Thursday night / Friday morning,  you are reminded to honour your intuition and independance and to let them serve you and to connect to your inner resources with trust and integrity.  Let the three I’s of Imagination, Inspiration and Innovation be you doorway to success!

Love and blessings xxx Elaine

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