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‘Psychic Development: The Basics’ is an illustrated guidebook that will teach you how to open to your intuition and open up psychically.

Opening2intuition was developed by psychic clairvoyant Kim Roberts and psychic artist Lucy Byatt over a number of years. Both Kim and Lucy found through teaching their own psychic workshops that people needed a simply worded and visual way to understand spiritual studies and psychic development. From this Opening2intuition was born and the first three books in an ongoing series of spiritual development books were made. Their aim is to create a visual encyclopedia of books detailing many aspects of spiritual practices.

Opening2Intuition have developed a visual process of learning that allows people to see how energy works. By using a visual style of narrative and prose they have created a safe and simple way to discover ones own spirituality. At their heart, these books are a teaching guide. They start with the basics in book one, explaining the how to’s of psychic development. Then they expand into a wider variety of topics like meeting your spirit guide and past lives and psychic art and colour readings. Kim and Lucy then teamed up with sound healer Karen Grace to develop a CD to accompany their first three books, giving the reader an audio step by step guide into their work. If you are looking for a simple and safe where to learn more about your intuition and to develop your spiritual path, these books are a great starting point.

“Our intention at Opening 2 Intuition’ is to provide a safe and simple way for people to open up to their intuitive self. We believe that everyone can be intuitive and develop their psychic and healing abilities. in fact, the process is very simple and not complicated at all. ”


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