How to make the most of the incoming FULL MOON with a little magik!

March’s Full Moon in 11th degree Virgo is almost here, 2nd March at 12.51am GMT to be precise! Semra, eclectic witch and founder of Mama Moon Candles, gives us a magik moon spell.

This full moon AKA the worm moon,  so called because this is the time when the ground starts to thaw and the earth starts to warm up (hallelujah!) and the worms can start to re-appear… See ya later Winter, Hello Spring (and worms!)

Virgos tend to be (slightly!) neat freaky, so this is the perfect time to make the most of  Virgo energy and get organised and de-clutter.

Adding to that, 11 is the number of energy shifts and what better way to shift energy than with a spring clean.

A motivation spell seems highly appropriate right now. Hibernation mode has been in full effect, this little pick me up will definitely put a spring in your step as the seasons get ready to change…

You will need:

A hot charcoal disc

A ceramic or heat proof dish

A candle

Pestle & Mortar

1 x pinch of  Thyme  ( for strength, courage and to help you achieve your goals

1 x pinch of  Rosemary  (for protection and clarity ) You can also rub some rosemary on your third eye for a little bit of psychic guidance during this ritual.

9 x drops of Lemongrass essential oil ( A strong obstacle remover and powerful motivator)

A pen and paper


You can choose to be as woo woo as you like when doing a mini spell like this one.

Don’t worry too much about getting something wrong or making a mistake, the main thing is that your intentions are all good, as long as this is the case everything will be totally fine…

Personally, I like to wear something nice before making a spell.. I think that dressing up for a ritual helps me to focus on and respect that it’s a special occasion… I would never make a spell in my pyjamas!

Create a sacred  space….

Again you can go as all out as you please here…  Create a space on the floor or table that is clear of clutter and electronics… Have  some candles lit and some of your favourite crystals out. Maybe you can add some flowers, a photo of anyone special to you, or of a goddess that you identify with, feathers, pebbles or any keepsakes that you have collected that feel special to you over the years.


Have all of your ingredients at hand.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to be as chilled as possible, so you can really be mindful and in the moment of what you are doing… A nice breathing technique to get you in the right headspace is to close your eyes and gently breath 5 counts in through your nostrils and breath 7 or 8 counts out…

Repeat this for at least a  minute and you will be feeling really nice and relaxed.

Blend the Rosemary and Thyme in a clockwise direction, as you do this pour your intention in to the blend and think about what the herbs represent to you.

Add the oil and now blend with your fingers of your dominant hand.

As you do this bless your spell and visualise the future and how you will feel when the magic has worked and you are super organised.

When it feels right, light the charcoal and place a small pinch of the spell on the hot coal… Soak up the smoke over your hands, watch the smoke and know that the magic is being sent out to give you the strength and power to do what you need to do. Keep adding a small pinch at a time.

When it feels right take your pen and paper and write down your success action list  and get ready to go go go go!!!

Dispose of the charcoal outside the front of your home.

Remember, if you are feeling like your emotions are a little  or a lot out of control, it’s fiiiiiine! It just means that you are in tune with the moons majestic super powers. Remind yourself that she controls the tides of big bodies of sea so when she is at her fullest, she is going to have an effect of your 60% body of water self!! In this situation, I HIGHLY recommend putting on your favourite song that makes you dance and go outside and shake your body, raise your hands up and harness her powerful energy.


This post was written by Mama Moon candles