How to make the most of the incoming Libra FULL MOON with a little magik!

March 31st´s Blue Full Moon in Libra is almost here. Semra, eclectic witch and founder of Mama Moon Candles, gives us a magik moon spell to tune in with the energies of this powerful full moon.

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

A Blue moon in Libra and one week in to mercury retrograde. There is no denying the energy out there is STRONG right now!!!

When the full moon is beaming its light in Libra, it’s highlighting harmony and Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, reassess and review what’s going on in our lives.

This is the perfect time to weigh it all up and open the doors to what we want to welcome in and close the doors to what is no longer serving us and create balance.

Do you have a story that you keep telling yourself that is holding you back?

Is it one that has been around for so long that it is embedded deep within your subconscious?

Sometimes closing the door on the things we no longer want in our lives by doing a cold hard banishing spell can be difficult as these thoughts and patterns of behavior have been around for such a long time that they run deep and become such a big part of our lives that disconnecting from them and letting go can be difficult.

Here is a little spell and ritual to help you send a peaceful and healing goodbye to the negative and a big warm inviting cuddle to whatever you wish to invite in.

You will need:

Pen and 3 pieces of paper

Dried sage


Lavender essential oil

Charcoal disc


Look up at the moon and harness her power to shine the light deep within you.

Think about what is working for you and what isn’t.

For example this could be: Negative thought patterns that clutter your mind, relationships, belief systems, actions or pain that no longer serve you.

Now think about what you love about yourself and all the things about yourself that you have gratitude for. Reallt celebrate yourself!

Write these things down. Positive on one peice of paper and negative on the other


Blend 2 large pinches of sage

1  pinch of cinnamon

And  9 drops of lavender essential oil


Light the charcoal (with some tongs or tweezers so that you don’t burn your fingers)

And when it starts sparking place in a heatproof dish

Place a small pinch of the spell at time over the hot charcoal disc to keep it smoking as you read out your list

Start with saying goodbye to the negative, know that you are sending it away with love and that it has helped you grow, but you recognise it no longer has any place in your life and you must peacefully close the door to it… Fold the paper 3 times in a direction that is away from you.

… and then, read out all the things you love, feel it and believe it.

Know that all of these things you are reading out about yourself confirm that you are an IMPORTANT PART OF THE UNIVERSE.

If you are you are doing this ritual with a friend or group, now is the time have a hug and feel the love and support that is surrounding you.

If you are on your own, know that all of your spirit guides and animals are around you feeling proud and are beaming the brightest of smiles at you.

Now take the time to use that moon power and get manifesting, you have created a loving space to  invite what you would like to replace what you have released… Write out what you wish to welcome in on the third piece of paper.

Fold it 3 times in a direction towards you and keep it somewhere safe, maybe with a crystal. Read it again on the new moon and know that good stuff is on its way.

moon ritualDSC_4063

Lots of love and Cosmic Vibes, Semra X


This post was written by Mama Moon candles