How To Make A Shamanic Despacho

Despachos are an ancient shamanic tradition from the Q’ero tribes of the Andes. Learn more about them and how to make one with White Light Healing. 

My first experience of seeing a despacho created was in 2017,  by a wonderful shaman from the Sacred Valley in Peru – I asked her many questions and became enchanted immediately by the magical practice. Despachos are an ancient shamanic tradition from the Q’ero tribes of the Andes. The Q’eros moved up into the Andes when the Spanish invaded Peru (1532) to preserve the ancient magic, traditions and language of the Incas. They still live up there now at 3500m-5000m altitude surviving brutal conditions in the most humble of dwellings, and only speak in Quechua – the language of the Incas. Their quest to preserve succeeded, although many died in the process. Within the shamanic and medicine communities the Q’ero’s are highly respected: they live completely in tune with nature and do not call themselves shamans (they use the term paqo – a healer, a keeper of the land) aside from ancient incredible knowledge and magic they are also the keepers of the Inca prophecy – “Pachakuti” the end of a 500 year earth cycle where harmony and a new way of life in tune with the earth will be brought about through chaos. They believe we are in Pachakuti now.


Their main form of offerings are despachos – beautiful gifts containing natural symbolic ingredients to Pachamama (Gaia, Mother Earth) asking for her guidance and her blessing toward the intention inside the despacho – in a way these tangible spells are sent to Pachamama – hence the word despacho/despatch/sent. These magickal parcels have different processes depending on their intention and ingredients. Dark, earthy spicy despachos are burnt to release negative energies and illness. Light and sparkling manifestation despachos containing seeds and grains to grow are opened and buried in the earth – to plant the spell. Pretty floral despachos for love and marriage are released into the water so they may flow on forever like infinite love. Some despachos are not made up into little parcels but are open – their ingredients are planted into the earth on quests especially as offerings to the mountain spirits. 



Manifestation despachos are perfect to make at anytime but particularly potent around the new moon.

You will need:

-a piece of paper 25cm x 25cm approx

-ribbon or string

-rice, grains, seeds, kernels, pine cones, lentils, pods to symbolise planting

-feathers for angels

-sequins and glitter to show your hopes and dreams 

-confetti to represent your inner child

-petals, flowers, foliage to go inside and as decoration as gifts to her

-if you have access to mapacho shamanic tobacco this is a traditional ingredient 

-essential oils 

The best way to find your despacho ingredients is to go for a walk and see what nature offers you plus a rummage in the kitchen cupboards. Whatever you feel drawn to is the perfect ingredient for your offering, you do not have to stick to my list, make it so it feels perfect for you. 

Set your altar or sacred space with candles, crystals or music. Relax and meditate then begin to select your ingredients and arrange them in the centre of the paper, as you place them see this process as a moving meditation and think of Pachamama and what you are asking her to help you with. Place three seeds in your right hand, close your eyes and meditate on the three things you are manifesting, visualising those wishes going into the seeds to be planted. Take care with your intentions – be as clear and precise as you can. Say a prayer to Pachamama and place the three seeds inside saying out loud your three wishes.

Close the parcel by folding the paper left to right, then right to left creating a column. Take the paper from the bottom and fold it up then the paper at the top and fold it down creating a little square parcel. Tie it up with ribbon and decorate with leaves or flowers. Lay down placing the despacho on your heart and listen to music or be outside in nature. Send energy from your heart into the little parcel. It is up to you how you bond with your spell – I like to keep mine on my altar or in my bag or sleep with it under my pillow/on my bedside table. When I feel the time is right and a bond has been made I take the despacho on my own into nature, undo the parcel and plant the contents into the earth or inside a tree. Say a prayer to Pachamama as you do so. 


Magick! Keep talking to her and watch your dream unfold….


Jacqueline regularly holds group shamanic despacho ceremonies in Ibiza and online, event listings on her site

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