Energetic Self Mastery

Energetic Self Mastery is the process of becoming the master of your own energy.  Ibiza based healer, Donna Sami, explains how to become energetically responsible and to become a master of your life.

Everything is conscious living energy.  As we start to become more aware of the living energy system that we are part of, we also start to become more aware of the energetic imbalances in our life and the need to restore them.

Energetic self mastery is the ability to look after yourself energetically. This is a very real requirement for us.  As energetic beings we are constantly interacting with other energies, so we need to ensure we keep ourselves cleansed and cleared. Without this type of energetic housekeeping we can end up feeling weak and depleted in our energy.

As we progress on the spiritual path, awareness of our own energy increases, along with the desire to consciously create our reality. We are beautiful divine energetic beings, with unlimited possibilities for ourselves and our lives and the key to tapping into this is to become aware of our energy and where and how we are directing this in our lives.


Everything is energy, from the words we speak to the food we eat.  Money is energy – what are you supporting with your energy? – Products that test on animals? Large corporations? Recycled paper? We also become more conscious of our energy levels, what is energizing us and what is depleting us? What is serving us and what is not?

As you become more conscious of your energy and have a wish to consciously create your life, some important questions to consider are:

– Where am I directing my energy and does it serve my highest potential? – To create the life of your dreams requires you to consciously direct your energy towards that which you want to create and experience.

– What am I creating, consciously or unconsciously? – We start to take responsibility for all aspects of our lives, we are creators and we are always creating, every thought, word and action is part of our creation.

– What unconscious behaviours am I playing out? – This follows on from the last point, once we take responsibility for our creations, we can then start to search for the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that are influencing our lives and do the spiritual work or healing necessary to release these for good, so we can fly in the direction of our highest potential.

It is important THAT we gain energetic self mastery. We can then become the conscious directors of our lives, we can create that which we want to see, here on Earth, in our own lives.

You can learn to clear and shield your energy very easily. In order to create the life we want here and now, it is important that your energy is grounded in your body and here on earth.  Many influences can leave us ungrounded.  For example if we drink alcohol and/or use drugs, certain diets can leave us ungrounded (yet there are plenty of foods we can eat to assist with grounding, such as root vegetables) and we can also become ungrounded in response to dealing with negative emotions or traumatic events in our lives.  I have listed below a few suggestions for grounding.

It is also important we clear our energy, so we feel light, motivated and ourselves.  As we go about our daily life we are interacting with other energies, we can end up taking on other peoples energies or picking up negative energies in a bar etc – the level of this does depend on your sensitivity and awareness of energies.  However, it is still highly beneficial for everyone to do a simple clearing and cleansing of your energy regularly.  I have listed my suggestions, for grounding and a golden shower meditation below.




1.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, bring all of your awareness into your mind, get present in the body, feel your body expand with each breath, notice where it expands, notice where it doesn’t, breathe into these areas and really centre and relax yourself. Spend a few minutes on this.

2.  Focus on your sacral chakra (the colour orange located in your lower abdomen) for women or the root chakra (red located at the base of your spine) for men. Bring your awareness here, now visualise your grounding cord of choice (rope cord, roots etc – use whatever works best for you) and see this extend from this chakra down into the earth.

3. Spend a few minutes visualising and feeling your cord extending into the soft earth, through the dark mud, wrapping round bolders, tree roots, feel this and see this.  Extending through all the layers of Mother Earth, through the crust, the mantle, down on through to the core of Mother Earth.

4. Now visualise and feel your cord grounding down and anchoring into the core of Mother Earth.  See this in your minds’ eye, feel this.  Really feel your connection, you may feel tingles, a shift in energy, a sense of comfort, this is individual, there is no right answer.

5. Next see a liquid gold light coming from the core of the Earth, running up your grounding cord, back through all the layers of Earth, back through the cool dark mud, all the way back up into your body.

6. Feel and see this warm liquid gold energy, coming into your feet, feel the warmth, travelling over your feet, your ankles, up your legs, see and feel this, up your torso, cascading down your arms. Stay with this a minute and allow yourself to really feel this beautiful connection.





1. Ground yourself (as above).

 2. Imagine a golden sun above your head, spend a few minutes really visualising and feeling this.  Feel the warmth above your head and see the golden sun in your mind.

 3. See liquid light raining down on your Aura, see this in your mind’s eye, feel it, really visualise it, what does it feel like?

4.  Allow yourself to sit in this shower of liquid light rain for at least 5 mins.  See and feel it cleansing your Aura and removing any negative or foreign energies.



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This post was written by Donna Sami