A conversation with David Lynch

A podcast from Ibiza resident Susie Pearl talking to David Lynch direct from his home in LA about creativity, where ideas come from and the power of meditation. 

The individual is cosmic and bliss is our nature” – Maharishi 

In this podcast, Susie Pearl is in conversation with David Lynch talking about the power of TM meditation, his daily routine, how he approaches ideas and creativity for his films and what living the Art Life means to him.  David talk about why coffee and cigarettes are important for him to get started,  how to catch your big ideas and how to know which ideas to act on.  He tells a personal story about John Lennon and Maharishi in India about keeping ideas.

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Susie Pearl is an author and podcaster who talks about the latest ideas on living a happy, creative and inspiring life.  She is in conversation with guests talking about a range of current themes from meditation, healthy eating, the power of creativity, staying well, reducing stress through to creating vibrant supportive communities. Susie talks about daily habits for success with her guests and ways to navigate an easier way through this stressful world.


Check her full podcasts here: https://www.conversationswithsusiepearl.com/

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