Cosmic Connections #3

Every month, three of the best memes, themes and hacks are hand-picked from the outer reaches of the cosmic Interweb: June 2016. 

Mushrooms make you happy – it’s official!

Well kind of – a recent Beckley Foundation study, published in leading science journal The Lancet, tested psilocybin on patients with long term depression and ‘revealed that 67% of patients were depression-free 1 week after treatment, and 42% were still in remission three months later.’  Another small step forwards in our understanding of the incredible positive potential of psychedelics.

Pequeno < 5 mins


Make selfies not war

What’s more powerful than a gun?  Laughter of course!  The idea is simple: take iconic movie stills that boast a big, bad gun and replace the gun with a selfie stick.  The result: weird, funny and kind of profound.


Medio < 15 mins


The best animated movie ever?  

Deranged, paranoid and picking at the edges of your own sanity.  We’ve all been there (haven’t we?!) but for most probably not due to over consumption of Substance D, the future narcotic in Phillip K Dick’s mind bending book come film ‘A Scanner Darkly’.  Want to see the dystopian future in all it’s disturbing glory?  Strap yourself in…

(trailer only, visit Putlocker Netflix for the full movie)

Grande > 1 hour

This post was written by Dan Irwin