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Sun Enters Aquarius // 

We welcome in the energies of emancipation.

Evolving our focus beyond the rain & into a spectrum of new frequencies.

Of new possibilities.

The Seven Rays are available to you now.

Helping you to liberate from limitation.

So to unite the fractals of your essence, your soul parts.

Across timelines & lifetimes for greater wholeness.

The current energies show a time for greater expression of your soul & spirit.

In increasingly creative ways.

Helping you to deepen into your core self. Your core frequency.

Resonance is the key during this gateway of time.

These rays are moving us into a different level of energetic resonance.

So allow yourself to vibrate on another level.

And to move into greater resonance with what’s to come.

New timelines, opportunities & possibilities are coming into vision.

Asking for vibrational alignment.

That which is inauthentic can no longer be.

Your Third Eye is expanding beyond current perception.

To see further through the veil.

To see what’s beyond. And what is in play.

Seeing through the heart of things & to people’s intentions.

Old cycles feeling stale. Outdated situations lacking energy & life.

What is done, now looking grey. Encouraging you to seek the rainbow.

You are shifting from the liminal into active transition.

This Aqua season is about looking forward, envisioning the new & anchoring in new frequencies of consciousness.

Seeds for collective endeavours are being planted.

Visionary ideals will be realised in 2020.

You are beginning to unite with the wider collective of your soul tribe.

And unifying more deeply with your soul mission.

Stepping into your new vibrational power.

Powering up the energy of enlightenment 

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