A simple practice to get ready for 2018

“It’s been a very transformational year for many of us. In these days I really encourage you to do these few simple steps (5-10 minutes) for integration of what was, and for opening up to the new that is coming.” – By Ria Dyaljot

• Take some time for yourself, disconnected from everyone around you and get really calm and quiet. Feel cozy within, in your body, with yourself. For a moment choose to be your best friend and to give yourself this quality time.

• Imagine you sit in front of your life, of this year that has passed by and see what has happened. Recognize the beauty, the magic, the challenges and the lessons. Try not to label anything as good or bad, simply observe and acknowledge the perfection of all that you are watching and within yourself feel gratitude for all that life has offered you in 2017. Say within yourself “Thank you Life!”

• Then connect to your inner silence. Just listen to the silence of your being, feel it and enjoy it as a very precious space that is within yourself. Choose to stay with that silence, don’t add anything to it. Recognize it, even if it’s just for a few seconds. If some thoughts arise, allow them to pass by and then go back to the silence. By doing this you are creating empty space within yourself, which is the foundation for any new seed to be planted and grow; it is the soil for all the new that is coming in this new year 2018.

• Welcome the new… Say within yourself “I’m ready for this next journey! I’m ready for the new me that is arising! I welcome love, prosperity, joy, light, flow, and whatever is for my highest and best!”


This post was written by yoga and meditation teacher, Ria Dyaljot


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