Spring cleansing with Island Witch Crafts

When feeling lost, seek nature, she supports you, nourishes you, grounds you, listens to you, feels you, gives you peace…

Anything can happen in the world and in our human lives, but nature continues its pace, keeps changing and evolving. She teaches us about resilience, that change is the only constant and to surrender into the different cycles of life.

When you pay attention to the changes of nature, you start noticing the changes in you. Through each season we hold different energies and the same does nature, we act as a collective. We are all one, each with its own purpose, serving the whole.

Nature provides, but also nature holds a unique and powerful wisdom of the land. When we connect to our land, to the plants of our land and the pace of nature, we feel fresher, lighter, more aligned and we can heal. We are in tune with the vibration of the Earth and in this way, we can be in tune with our true selves, be our authentic selves, support our needs and each other in the community.


We can re-learn to live and consume as locally as possible, feed ourselves with the abundance of opportunities the land offers, eat seasonal produce and use local plants. These plants can have many purposes, they can also heal in many ways. Humankind since always, has been working with plants as medicine, as a way to reach connection with ourselves, with the elements and to higher realms.

Smoke cleansing has been a way to connect to the ethereal world, in every culture of the world. From resins and incense, tree and herbal combinations, to palo santo and other tree barks. Rituals of all over the world have in common the use of smoke to reach higher states of consciousness; would it be a religious god or the higher self.


In this era, we are privileged to have very easy access to herbs, potions and burning elements from all over the world, without really being conscious of our connection to that land, where it comes from or how was this obtained, and all the way it had to travel to get to us. Not only that, but also forgetting to connect to our own land and what she has to offer.

Every land has its ancestral plant wisdom, if you go back in your family lineage you’ll probably find many ways that plants were used in your family, or in your culture. Ibiza is blessed with wild herbs and flowers that blossom in different seasons, providing a variety of colours, scents and of course, properties. Whether you use them for burning, making infusions or cosmetics, will depend on their unique purposes.

The wonderful land of Ibiza holds space for healing plants of all kinds. The forests are abundant of pine trees and rosemary, both lovely plants for burning, but they can also be used in many other ways. If you’re lucky you’ll find some wild flowers and thyme, but for sure you’ll see some cistus with its pink paper-like flowers, just don’t confuse it with sage, if burnt it won’t smell great…

The fields are full of wild rocket, spinach and chard, wild asparagus that hide next to spikey bushes, while uncountable edible flowers fill the land with yellow and white splashes of joy. Poppies pop around wild calendula and dandelions – I love to sit around them and then get some for my tea. Almond blossom, carobs, figs, oranges and lemons… that’s just to name a few, but I recommend you step outside and explore. You’ll find something you like too.

When you collect plants for your use be conscious, take only what you need, treat the plant with care, in the same way she will treat you – with pure universal love. Use scissors, talk to them, feel them. Sometimes they’ll be ready to go, sometimes they won’t!


Try connecting with nature while having a walk, a swim, hanging out with friends or by yourself, just sitting around the flowers in the field, or by eating and drinking more veggies and fruits from your land. You can put flowers in your house, in your tea, plant more plants, give them purpose and your care… all that matters is that you do it with an open heart, then she will listen and fill it up with peace.

Spring is full of magic, and for my bundles I’ve been crafting spring smudge bundles with colourful rose petals and wild herbs from the countryside, with wild lavender and rosemary from the forests of the north and with pine, thyme and oranges from my garden. There are always new additions that continue to surprise me, if I am careful enough to observe the land while I’m moving through her.

Sofia xx



To order your bundles or learn more about Ibiza’s plants please visit @islandwitchcrafts


Photography @sofiagomezfonzo



Ps: If you’re curious about the plants in your area, observe them, take pictures, ask others about them, read books or search online… there are also Apps that are very handy for searching when you’re on the go.




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