Online Course: Women’s Ceremony and Circle Facilitator Training with Angie Litvinoff

Since time began, the call to create a sacred sisterhood becomes the call to share our hearts and accept love.  Being a space holder is the biggest honour of them all.

About Angie

Angie is a Transformational Guide, Modern Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist and Master Space Holder of Chilean heritage based in the UK.  She is the founder of The Academy of Divine Soul Alchemy and offers Advanced Leadership Training – her Women’s Ceremony and Circle Facilitator Training – which starts in February 2024. This is an online training for Women who are ready to become Guides and feel this call acutely. She has been holding space in healing, ceremony and ritual for 25 years.  

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Sacred Woman, Space Holder, Guide 

It all begins with a sense of urgency

It really did with me.  I began to feel each day a restlessness that I couldn’t place.  It wasn’t with my work or my life in the way I lived but it was how I was doing things which gave me the clues along the way.

I took an honest look at how I shared my expression of soul, and in all honesty, it felt very altruistic. I was shaking off layers of the saviour path and the last dregs of deep exploratory work on self worth, which reflected deeply into my offerings and creativity.

And I dove deep into a realm of self discovery where I got honest about what I wanted.

There is something so unique about being a GUIDE.  It is not a therapist but a Mentor, Space Holder and Medicine Carrier.  It is the person who creates the places to get immersive from a place of wisdom. 

And my passion to share that became overwhelming.

25 years later I came almost full circle.  Because there was a new layer.  The time to let go of the old ways of teaching had arrived, and what I birthed as the truest offering so far.  I created a training so others could become Advanced Guides, Space Holders with deep wisdom, with total clarity and with their own incredible set of skills. 


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Five Reasons to Answer the Call to Become a Guide

  1. You know you are wanting to share what’s in your heart by being creative
  2. You want others to feel empowered through creating defining moments 
  3. You are part of a circle and feel compelled to lead
  4. You are ready to step into the next part of your evolution and looking for the right way
  5. You believe in self validation and are ready to hold space to celebrate this from your heart and soul



Why now?

The call to circle and ceremony is right now profoundly felt more than ever. 

And so is the need for true GUIDES who have the skills, the tools, knowledge and wisdom as well as the ability to hold space and create life changing ceremonies and workshops which take us to an immersive place full of love.

The way we create and the intention we have in this process is a series of stages in our own thinking and understanding which draw from ritual and our own inner processes.

Each ceremony and circle is prepared so carefully, connecting to each person and created with deliberate aspects that feed into an energy.

This draws from a combination of what the teacher taught, the wisdom handed down but also – and very important – the soul of the person who is holding the space and their very communication of the deepest and innermost ability to share with unconditional love and to step back and allow the energy to flow.

This is not from a place of lower ego or lifestyle instagrammable moments, it is pure soul and passion and creation.

And to have the space held by the most skilled and wonderful GUIDE is where every potent ceremony and circle should and needs to be, because it is a place of safety and creation, sharing, heart led ritual and empowerment. 

We can get raw, deep, there is resistance at times and rebirth, all within a boundaried place of understanding and clarity.

Yes, and when you feel the call, you are stepping into your own Rite of Passage, by embracing this new identity.

And this call to come back home to soul, back home to tribe is food for the soul.  It is a deep connection in a fragmented fragile world where the coming together of community, of sharing the sacred and celebrating life are essential to our wellbeing and to our evolution.

And it goes back so far in time – there may be no beginning to it, always present in humanity, the need to connect to self, soul and ceremony, a tribal connection facilitated safely and with beauty and depth from a wisdom keeper who is experienced in life itself.

And now we create new communities, new circles, some of us have landed in a place far from where we used to belong, metaphorically and literally, and we look towards a place which we can identify with as relevant to us and our reinvention.

And it is something we can begin to experience right away by aligning ourselves to the rhythms and patterns in the world and in the stars. Being a skilled guide is incredibly powerful – and requires integrity and an open heart, I see you.


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Moments that define our lives

Part of this deep yearning to create ritual, ceremony and circle comes from a very real need to give honour to the defining moments in our lives.

Rites of Passage and creating spaces of stillness and meaning enable us to come home to the very essence of truth and existence and ultimately creation.

The sacred is so deep within us, that conventional ceremonies continue to be at the centre of societies and people gravitate or resist them, because they invoke passion and create response regardless.  Imagine this but so much deeper and greater in its authenticity, a true recognition of what’s important on a soul level?  

Whether it’s a Womb Healing or a Woman’s Wise Woman Blessing, a Death Ritual or a Sacred Circle, we can become immersed truly in  moments that express what it means to be alive.  We come home to our essence.



A gift:  A simple new moon ceremony

What the new moon means for us = A time for new beginnings.

The optimum time for detox processes and a great opportunity to allow the body to recharge at the same time.

If we accept and surrender, now is when we can allow ourselves to renew our energies, go within, feel deeply held by the earth and cosmos, and create time for healing in a gentle way. If we listen, we can benefit from insights and intuition.

We undergo a change at this time and its essential to allow space for contemplation and embracing our own wisdom and ancestral wisdom.

New Moon Ritual

A time when you can connect deeply to your soul and your truth. Honour your ancestral line on your altar, your soul family or tribe in whatever way makes sense to you and makes you happy.

Lie down and absorb the recharging energies of the earth, ground your body for as long as you can, 20 or 30 minutes to clear your mind and help your body to slow down.

Listen to a meditation and allow yourself to follow the instructions as you breathe and surrender.

Set the intent to ground yourself and become one with the earth, and at the same time celebrating that you can begin anew in everything in your life. Symbolically the blood of a cycle is now washing away all old experiences cleansing you on all levels, if you have moon blood at this time connect with it in a private and meaningful way, maybe giving a little of it back to the earth and offering it up to the moon.

May your new beginnings be full of joy.

If you are a therapist, healer, yoga teacher, coach or simply ready to answer the call, this is for you.

Find out more here 


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You can also book in for a discovery call, listen to her podcast, download her ritual and journaling gifts for you here:

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