Artogi: Limited-edition eco friendly yoga mats

Artogi yoga mats merge inspired artistry and cutting edge technology. 

The first Artogi yoga mat collection has enlisted artist Mr Piper to design four limited-edition yoga mats. Check below to see the cosmic mats. Choose the one you are drawn to and that best aligns with your current inner purpose.



The great spirit of healing who
transcended from ancient native
Americana is said to have used
her strengthening powers of
light to protect all those who
worshipped her.”




“The ancestors of the Hindu god Ganesh
journeyed far throughout
the universe for millions of years.
Their purpose was to create new galaxies
and were able to regenerate
through the the power of stars.”



“The Lotus throne or ‘Padmāsana’ is the
position seen in many forms of religious artwork
and statues dating back thousands of years. It is
said to encourage breathing through meditative
practice and to foster physical & metaphysical stability.”



“A goddess of light and colour
from Egyptian mythology who’s translation
simply means ’to see’ is believed to be a personification
of the Sun god Ra. It was her powers of foresight
that protected the sacred Tree of Life which
gave eternal life and knowledge of the divine plan.”



“Each collection will showcase works of art by inspirational artists who create unique pieces that help you express yourself. Using revolutionary water activated grip technology, our super soft microfibre suede top layer acts as a mat and towel in one, providing unsurpassed grip whilst absorbing excess moisture. Our natural rubber base is 100% biodegradable and contains no PVC. After use, our laser printed mats can be machine washed cold or hosed down in the shower and hung on your wall to dry, like any deserving masterpiece. It really is that simple! Our products look magnificent, are kind to the planet, and help you express your uniqueness. BRINGING LIFE TO ART.” - Artogi


Each mat costs £69 and can be purchased from

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