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Enter the dream vision of a Divine Holistic Centre in Croatia… Blissdom describe their vision manifesting into reality and offer a geodesic dome building workshop: April 4 – April 11. 

The aim of our project Blissdom Vis is to create a blueprint that can be inspirational and replicable for individuals and communities, consisting in creative works, body works, spirit works, ecology works; creating more dreamers, healers, artists, leaders and earth guardians simultaneously increasing environmental health, biodiversity and conservation.

Our goal is to create an authentic retreat in harmony with its environment, a holistic centre based on self sufficiency where everyone can live healthfully, learn how to trive sustainably, entertain, relax, heal naturally, attend workshops and express creativity.

Our dream is to empower a new generation of healers. Responsible humans who are socially networked, much more educated, caring for earth, soil, all living things, understanding the implications of their actions in the long term and not afraid of changing their ways if proved otherwise.

Furthermore the locals will be learning these new techniques and will get education and opportunities to make their own sustainable projects.

The world is changing, we are connecting and creating new models and new ways of being with each other and the planet. We envision a world in which communities come together as agents of change to create more peace and sustainable future for all.

Permaculture is the hub that will transform our food system into resilient eco system that supports human health and nurture our environment with creativity and passion. Growing food, celebrating with loved ones and supporting local organic agriculture is our path forward, offering a simple practical guideline to co-create a better world.

Our vision is to develop a non destructing life model for co-operation between human being, animal and nature.

The technological and ecological research includes the implementation of renewable energies and a model for local autonomy in energy and food.

We are working towards a global networking on the social, ecological and ethical foundations for the New Earth.


Our Project includes:

-permaculture biodynamic

-off grid solutions

-natural homes building


-alternative schooling

-consciousness radio

-seeds bank

-ethnobotanic garden

-fruit forest




-floathing tanks


-animal sanctuary


-darkness retreat



-crystal healing


-vision quest

-vegan raw food

-natural cosmetics and medicine

-detox program


GoFundMe campaign for the support of Blissdom Vis development


We are inspired to share our story with the world and to reach out. Your support helps us make it. Every cent goes to investments into people, friends and families which will be helping; as well for materials and tools needed. The funds will be used to build the first main structures and communal spaces like welcoming area, power supply, water management, geodesic dome, permaculture raised bed gardens, cooking area and toilets…


Geodesic Dome Building Workshop

April 4 – April 11

Blissdom Vis, Cojno Poje, Island Vis, Croatia


– The Geodesic Dome building course has the purpose of assembling modular triangle shaped pieces of Dome in record timing. Participants will learn the practical secrets of its geometry, making the triangles and participating in the assembly.

– Everyone will get a booklet with the step by step practical and ‘Do It Yourself’ construction guide.

Daniel Larrauri is Uruguayan builder of geodesic domes and instructor of connecting-assembling geodesic structures since 2009.

Originally from the centre of the country, he currently lives near Punta del Este in the eastern coast of Uruguay.

Since 2010 he has developed an activity of geodesic structures building, website and a book that sells throughout Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries.

He has constructed geodetic works both in Uruguay and in Brazil and taught this activity in a practical course format in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

The workshop will take place at the beautiful Croatian island Vis, at the developing eco village and holistic centre, Blissdom Vis, situated in the middle of island, surrounded by untouched nature. Blissdom is a Holistic Center for Sustainability, Permaculture and Alternative schooling. Its vision is to become the Future proof of Conscious Living and Healing.

The reason for visiting the island Vis is its natural beauty and traditional Dalmatian food, as well the island’s atmosphere. From all the major Dalmatian islands Vis is significantly more peaceful with a hint of eco-tourism and spiritual tourism ( yoga and meditation retreats..). With its numerous unpaved roads trough nature and towards stunning beaches it is trekkers and bikers paradise. In the summertime many events are happening all over the island such as music, art festivals and small village annual celebrations…

Vis provides a perfect challenge for permaculture entusiasts with dry powerful summers and a mild rainy winters, rock based soil, mostly poor of nutrients… soil regeneration is keyword ;)

-cost of the workshop is 444 euros

(accommodation and food includeed with 3 vegetarian meals per day)

-reduced price for Vis residents: 111 euros (without food) and 222 euros (with food- 3 meals per day)

Workshop includes:

– Temazkal (Sweating Lodge) buidling and using it in a ceremonial way with Grandfather Fire

– Kundalini Yoga classes with Sach Gian Kaur

As a part of the workshop we will learn how to build the traditional Pre-Hispanic Indigenous Mesoamerican sweat lodge Temazkal (“house of heat”), step into it and participate in a rite of purification.

It is used for healing the sick, improving health and cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

Besides promoting physical well-being and healing, the steam bath is also a ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection. While the body rids itself of toxins through sweating, the spirit is renewed through ritual. The temazcal is thought to represent the womb and people coming out of the bath are, in a symbolic sense, re-born.


On a celestial level, we will enter the Womb of Mother Earth and experience a deep connection with the 4 Elements in our Body. On a terrestrial level, we will experience the sensation of a sauna in darkness, listening to traditional and healing songs.


Booking and contact:

Whatsapp: +34 693 532 231

tel: +385 99 66 709 55

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