Who is DJ Healer?

I have no idea, but check some things beautiful from this mysterious musical healer’s Soundcloud.

I am searching for a cosmic mix, one that heals me as I listen to it and takes me off to floaty dimensions only visible in sound.  I have listened to many mixes that have given me many feelings over the years, but none like what I am receiving from DJ Healer. I saw a tweet on RA a few months back referring to a mix from DJ Healer. I listened to it and it was the first mix in ages that I didn’t want to skip through to check if it was all right. I could feel from the start and just knew. DJ Healer is also DJ Metatron, Traumprinz, Prime Minister of Doom and the Prince of Denmark, and it is a slight mystery to exactly who is behind the music, which, in a world of everyone knowing everything, is quite beautiful.

I had a little magical mushroom download a few weeks ago, the message was ‘music is birthing the new consciousness on earth’. Which I am sure many know already (“sound is the medicine of the future”, said Edgar Cayce), or they know but they don’t know that they know.  Some music dumbs you down, some makes you relaxed, some makes you anxious, some heals with vibrations and textures opening you up to new worlds; leaving you open to receive little messages and visions from spirit. DJ Healer is a musical channel who knows what he/she is doing in the electronic realms.

Here are some mixes that I listened to from the Soundcloud. This is my kind of musical medicine!

Note:Image used is Metatron’s cube – a sacred geometry symbol formation for protection and healing.