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“I am divine supreme light. I am golden. I am sunshine. I am daughter of RA.” – Listen to the gentle and powerful podcast from Princess Nokia to inspire your spirit’s connection to source.

A great podcast on self-care from this awesome and powerful rapper. Princess Nokia brings through her heritage, spiritual beliefs, love and uniqueness in her art. Fearless in her sacred connection to spirit, herself, the divine feminine and the world above and below, Princess Nokia channels and transforms through her creative expression, imparting ancient wisdom to help guide through the shift.

Some excerpts from the podcast…

“I have a love and passion for life and understanding its intricate mystery. And I aim to unveil those mysteries and continue to walk forth on the path of knowledge and enlightenment.

There is an essence of divine magic that sleeps and seeps through my very veins.

I am magic. I am powerful. I am translucent. I am divine. I am magnetic. I am capable of anything! I am in control of my every decision, every move, every idea, every action. And I take responsibly for my less been decisions…

I celebrate evolution and the higher vibration of humanity…

I am a supernatural being…

I am a rainbow warrior and I am dancing, sparkling and shining.

I trust in the power of the cosmos. I trust in the power the universe. I talk to the universe with confidence, assurance and respect. I respect the universe and Mother Earth.”


For this and more,  check the below podcast:



And check this from Princess Nokia:


Destiny Nicole Frasqueri is an Afro-Nuyorican independent alternative hip hop and alternative R&B recording artist and songwriter based in New York City.


This post was written by Kim Booth

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