Marijuana Blessings

Donna Sami lists some of the many blessings of the medicinal ganja plant.

Our beloved Marijuana plant! A gift from above, bestowed upon this planet only to be subjected to the same enslavement and limitations as the majority of the human population! What I’m writing about here isn’t really ground breaking news to most people reading this content (I assume), but maybe to a few it is!

When I first started sharing and writing about this information at around age 13, people certainly were not open enough to be in a space to receive it.  I would sit and write about the benefits of this plant, which I didn’t realise at that time was channelling information.  However well over 20 years later and the majority of the world is now waking up to this truth! Hooray! We are shifting!

So our super plant, our not actually from this planet plant, what happened? Why have we not been utilising the amazing healing and practical benefits of this plant?? Short and simple answer – control.  The current ‘powers that be’ (not for so much longer) knew this information long before we did and of course it was too much of a risk of freeing humanity from their dark control and enslavement (not to mention food source…) for it to be allowed.  However as with all things serving the planet, serving light and liberation, it cannot be kept in the dark forever, and the balance has tipped!

So over 20 years ago I was channelling information about the amazing benefits of this plant, just to mention a few –

Curing all cancers and many more medical conditions

Fuelling cars; the first car from Henry Ford ran on Hemp fuel (yes no need for petrol!! Can you imagine, all the wars and destruction of the planet for oil! I don’t think I need to say more).

hemp car


Sustainable building – hemp can be used to build with:



Hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable fabric sources on the planet

The medicinal benefits of the oils are endless, if you are interested in finding out more or are new to this information then I would highly recommend reading about Rick Simpson and the work he is doing with THC and CBD Oils.

To be in a time where this information can be shared, utilised and freely spread and understood is for me personally a huge source of excitement, to see and be part of real progression over the last 20 years is a beautiful divine gift.

I wish for all those ailing or suffering with cancer to be aware of the benefits of healing cancer with hemp oils, so please share, spread and help those that are in need of this medicine!

I personally will be working on projects that aim to share more of this information to reach those still in the dark and suffering and to accelerate the healing of the planet and the people.


This post was written by Donna Sami

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