Cosmix 24 – Marc Romboy

Check the latest Cosmix from Marc Romboy – “… sounds, rhythms and voices which take you to another place, where life is peaceful and relaxed.”

Marc Romboy is a true gentlemen of techno. Kind and humble and always busy with new ideas,  the German Born producer and DJ played his first DJ gig 25 years ago via releasing on his first record label, Le Petit Prince.  In 2004 he began his imprint, Systematic Recordings, with the first release as a joint production with Booka Shade. The label has since seen releases from Stephan Bodzin, Robert Babicz, Ripperton, Chelonis R. Jones, Steve Lawler, Terrence Parker, Spirit Catcher, Satoshi Tomiie, Mike Dunn and Romboy himself. Romboy’s own work includes seven album releases, the most recent being Romboy’s reinterpretation of Claude Debussy’s classics – ‘Reconstructing Debussy‘, which includes the magical ‘Prelude a l’apres midi d’un faune‘, included on the beautiful Cosmix 24… And you can also see it in full flow on the below Boiler Room.

Cosmic Pineapple is very proud and honoured to host this mix! Enjoy with your senses and please check the great interview below also.

How would you like for people to feel when they listen to the mix ?
I wanna take them to somewhere else where they can come down or even meditate. I hope it’ll work.

Music is?
Soundwaves which are the content of my life and support me in good and in bad times.

What does the word cosmic mean to you?
At the end everything is cosmic, to me personally however it means that there is much more as we recognize on earth.

Please can you give us a cosmic piece of art, quote or book that moves you?
Yes, for sure. Eckhart Tolle´s ‘The Power of Now‘ and Ulrich E. Duprée ‘Ho’oponopono‘ are the ones I can highly recommend.

What do you think is the role of the DJ in the modern world?
I see the DJ still as a mentor or as an early adapter of good music. Ni AI can replace the feelings of a DJ.

How can we make the world a better place?
We shouldn’t talk too much about politics or complain about presidents we don’t like or whose spirit we cannot share. We should begin with ourselves, with our inner circle and treat everyone as we want to be treated. If everyone does this the world will be a much much better place, independent from decisions of politicians or other powerful people.

Your favourite cosmic website?
Cosmic pineapple of course. With this page I’m always informed best.

Your star sign?
Gemini, like my first album.

A pineapple fact?
In my fridge now and ready to be eaten.

A music fact?
Music, let yourself go.

This post was written by Kim Booth

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